Romain Gutsy Raising The Bar With ‘If You Don’t Mind’

The musician and singer-songwriter Romain Gutsy got his start in the music industry in the 1990s. He was born in France.

He has shared the stage with more well-known artists, such as the Grammy Award-winning alternative rock band Soul Asylum and the American singer Calvin Russell. He has also shared the stage with French bands such as Les Affamés and Daffy Plays Mandola.

After taking a break from music for more than 20 years and undertaking extensive travel, he reemerged in the music industry in 2020 with a solo album titled Whatever Says the Clock released under the moniker THE RED.

The songs on the album featured lyrics that were derived from traditional American and Irish poetry. 2022 saw the debut of a brand new record titled “When Leonard Met Dolly.”

Romain Gutsy has released a new song, and it is named “If You Don’t Mind.” The song has a wonderful clawhammer banjo, as well as an aerial and spectacular production. The song’s title provides some insight into the subject matter that the tune covers.

The individual portrayed by Romain Gutsy’s words in the song “if you don’t mind” is one who is preoccupied with the idea of being free rather than worrying about what other people may think of him. The song is an excellent example of indie folk music that leaves a lasting impression on your mind.

In the first minute of the song, Romain discusses all of the addictions he is free from, including smoking, sex, narcotics, politics, and greed, amongst others, since these are the quickest ways to be corrupted but are the hardest to leave.

He also states that he is free from all of these things. To him, it doesn’t matter what you think about all of that; what matters is that he believes that the burdens of those things can no longer hold him back, at which point he will consider himself to have reached a higher level.

The arrangements of the song are in perfect harmony with the clawhammer banjo and guitar, both of which were performed by none other than Romain Gutsy, the man. The Rock ‘N’ Rock tune, which was created by Marc Bentel, not only makes you want to get up on your feet and dance, but it also makes you appreciate the words, and you can clearly hear Romain’s wonderful voice.

If You Don’t Mind was produced by Marc Bentel, a South African music professional who came to Florida, United States, after having won many prizes with bands he was a member of. Bentel was involved in the arrangement of the song “If You Don’t Mind.” In his studio down in Florida, Marc was responsible for producing as well as mixing and mastering the song.

The duration of the song is three minutes and nine seconds, but I do not believe that is enough time to fully appreciate the song. The chorus is so catchy that after hearing it for the first time, you will feel compelled to listen to it again and again. If You Don’t Mind is one of those songs that I don’t believe anybody could ever get tired of hearing.

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