Rob Giles Rekindles His Musical Flame In A Stunning Comeback Album ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’

Rob Giles, the singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist winner of a Grammy award, announces his ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’.

His solo efforts and association with Andy Summers of The Police as well as Lisa Loeb, among other collaborations have made his journey in music an interesting one. One would easily mistake it for Giles’ dusk phase.

Having suffered five studio albums and encountered the turbulence of the industry, he took on a personal crisis: he abandoned his life profession as a musician due to a damaged voice which by was unsalvageable.

However, a spark of creativity in his heart refused to die out. Then, he moved into television where he sold his first show to WBS (Warner Bros. Studios) followed by development of up to 5 more shows.

Gilles’ persistence even compelled Rich Jacques—a Grammy winning producer to offer his services for free and make the song of “Meditation Drive-Thru”. Respite and Creative process after Destruction which has eleven eclectic songs.

They are tales and admonitions to live life for today only because it is as fleeting as a grain of sand. The first single off Gile’s revival album is a big track titled “Tears into Art”.

Rob Giles Rekindles His Musical Flame In A Stunning Comeback Album 'Meditation Drive-Thru'
Rob Giles Rekindles His Musical Flame In A Stunning Comeback Album ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’

This is a song about changing the sadness to beauty by metamorphosis into the new musical career after the tragedy of the past, known as Giles coming back to music.

With timelessness and a simple message, this tune communicates that you could renew disaster zones. As for the “Meditation Drive-Thru”, it only reflects the inventiveness of this great artist still as a fresh musician in the sphere.

The complex ideas which go into this album do not make it lackluster.

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