Rehya Stevens Serves Winter Warmth In ‘Early Winter’

It’s almost that time of year again, when the air becomes crisper, people start decorating their homes with lights, and Rehya Stevens appears on our playlists.

Her most recent hit, “Early Winter,” is more than just a song; it’s a warm, cold hug that makes people think of their best times.

Rehya is a storyteller who emphasises the human spirit in addition to being a singer. Whether she is penning her own compositions or performing classic Christmas carols, she is able to convey the wide range of emotions that dance through the heart throughout the holiday season. She performs both of them.

Her message is very important, maybe even more so this year than in previous years. Rehya gently reminds us of the ties that bind—family, friendship, and faith in times of peace and prosperity—at a time when it appears that divisions are the norm.

It is a song of hope for everyone on the planet, announcing that warmth may be found in the presence of others even in the bitterest of circumstances.

The song “Early Winter” shows how good the singer is at creating differences. This track deviates from her joyful, sometimes exuberant discography by exploring deeper, more introspective territory.

Working with the maestro of TV and cinema Brian Steckler, Stevens creates a moving story that has the reassuring feel of an embrace while snow softly falls all around it.

Rehya Stevens Serves Winter Warmth In 'Early Winter'
Rehya Stevens Serves Winter Warmth In ‘Early Winter’

When we get together to celebrate the approaching holiday season by the fireside, let “Early Winter” by Rehya be the comforting song that plays.

This song should kindly remind you of how beautiful winter nights are and how important it is to connect with others and think about things.

Early Winter is one of my favorite pieces from this new collection. It isn’t a Christmas song per se, but it is certainly fit for the tender side of the season. Many people face the holidays with grief for loved ones passed, relationships torn apart, and regrets to wrestle with in the aftermath. I have known those Christmases – and because life is not permanent, there are bound to be difficult Christmases ahead. I look around at my family, and each year I see my parents getting a little older – and even though they’re still vital and healthy, I get pangs of anticipatory grief for their eventual passing. Every day is more precious now. This song is about learning through mistakes, while it’s also about maturing enough to treasure the time you have with the people you love, and to treat them with dignity and radical acceptance, even when it’s challenging. Few things are worth blowing up a solid relationship over. Life is a great teacher.

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