Presley Duyck Showcases Her Talent on “My Someone”

Presley Duyck is a singer and songwriter from Dallas, Texas, who specializes in folk music and classic rock sounds. She grew up loving the genre and was also exceptional at storytelling, which is evident in her songs, including her most recent release. This is Presley’s fifth release on the record, and as she strives to improve and grow with each new release, she definitely outdid herself with “My Someone.”

Presley’s latest single, “My Someone,” tells the story of love and hope, longing and sadness. This story is about a man who abandons his wife to fight in a war despite her desperate pleas for him to stay. Though she is devastated by his decision to leave and join the military to fight in the war, she also understands and desperately hopes against all odds that he will return home to her and the life and love they have created together. Presley Duyck was able to do what she does best, transporting our minds to worlds of great storytelling, with her magnificent and soothing voice accompanied by great instrumentals and production elements.

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