Polyvoda Ignites The Music Scene With ‘Bonfire’

Polyvoda, an emerging band in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine during harsh times, has quickly found its place on the current stage of musical arts.

The three have developed a sound that is both innovative and significant; featuring Denis Levchenko (bass), Kyrylo Chykhradze (keys) and Mykhailo Birchenko (drums). Through the released “Bonfire” song, Polyvoda proves that they are strong players within this industry.

“Bonfire”, this mixture of modern jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul and funk is proof of the band’s ability to experiment musically as well as the emotional power present in this band. To start the track there is an amazing and theatrical drum solo that prepares you for a voyage across varied music sceneries.

The whole thing is held up by a hooky bass line that gracefully slides into soft neo soul vocalist. With a splash, the chorus uses electric organ’s funky major chords to be emotionally effective.

Although the song “Bonfire” features great music, it is not only the music that makes it unique. The song’s lyrics also reflect what took place on a personal basis during the war in their home country in 2022.

This is a fascinating switch where hip-hop chant notches almost Little Simz or Sampa The Great kind accompanied by some strong percussions and cloudy keyboards lines of passages.

Polyvoda Ignites The Music Scene With 'Bonfire'
Polyvoda Ignites The Music Scene With ‘Bonfire’

“Bonfire” is no doubt powerful and complex. This is not simply a song, but rather a statement that combines musical genius and raw emotions. The fact that Polyvoda returns with such a powerful track after short time of pause is not only interesting, but it reflects to the possibility for them becoming one of the most promising discovery in music industry within forthcoming year.

In “Bonfire,” Polyvoda shows they can pour out their experiences into music that reaches everyone. Music and human emotions beautifully combined in this song.

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