Paytra Encapsulates Strength In Her Album W.T.S

About Paytra

Paytra was born in the small hamlet of Lambertville, Michigan, south of Detroit, to a mixed-Mexicana mother and a German father. Paytra made a very bold move and took a risk of a lifetime, alone, she moved to Brooklyn, New York. She already knew what she wanted in life, but with no money and lack of experience, she ultimately came to the reality of what most women in the music space face: difficulty.

Paytra was able to persevere and with determination and hard work, she was able to break through with her music and has since then been featured on MTV, Womanly magazine, Vlad TV, and Sirius XM’s Shade 45radio. Her music has amassed a lot of streams and performed impressively well globally.

Paytra is a type of woman who is strong and determined and thus isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind and break the mould. She is known as a business mogul and a fierce symbol of feminism, strength, and power.

Paytra Encapsulates Strength In Her Album W.T.S
Paytra Encapsulates Strength In Her Album W.T.S

Photo credits: Christopher Levy

About The Release “W. T. S”

This release by Paytra isn’t your normal everyday pop album. Her witty lyrics are like anthems about women, for women, prioritizing money, careers and living unapologetically. “WTS ” stands for we the shit and it’s an unapologetic confidence and empowerment themed album. The album is a 17-track list that has been self-released by Paytra over the span of 5 years. The album contains some of her most trying times, she managed to channel her inner powerhouse and strength to write these upbeat pop anthems boosting the confidence and can-do attitude she needed and hopes others do too.

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