Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra’s ‘Heal’ – A Multicultural Musical Journey

“Heal,” Om Shira‘s Latest Offering, is an Emotional Elixir, Fusing Diverse Influences into a Resounding Call for Healing and Connection.

Om Shira, formerly known as Mr Shirazy, is no stranger to musical transformation. At the helm of his ensemble, the Exile Orchestra, Shira has embarked on an explorative journey, his music reflecting the rich tapestry of experiences he encountered while travelling.

Shira’s sojourn in the Iranian desert during lockdown has left an indelible mark on his music. This seclusion, a cocoon of introspection, gave birth to several musical compositions, each one echoing the solitude and the self-discovery that unfolded amidst the desert dunes.

The Exile Orchestra’s sound is as varied and vibrant as the cultures it represents. A veritable melting pot of over ten distinct cultures, the band comprises a diverse collective of musicians, painters, photographers, and costume and set designers.

Together, they weave an enchanting symphony that defies genres, fusing elements from an array of musical traditions into their distinctive sound.

Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra's Heal - A Multicultural Musical Journey
Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra’s Heal – A Multicultural Musical Journey

Their sixth song, “Heal,” is a testament to the orchestra’s vision of unity and healing. Accompanied by a mesmerizing music video, “Heal” is not just a song—it’s a message, a beacon encouraging listeners to tap into their hearts and leverage their unique abilities to effect positive change in an increasingly complex world.

In the song, the word ‘heal’ becomes a multi-faceted hologram, revealing new dimensions of our identity as light permeates it. “Heal” urges listeners to attune to their intuition and find comfort within themselves amidst the noise and tumult of the outside world.

Despite its deeply personal undertones, “Heal” also serves as a collective emotional canvas, capturing the array of experiences and emotions Om Shira has encountered along his journey.

This collaboration encompasses the creative energies of over 15 artists, ranging from Mexico and Argentina’s Riosent, New York’s jazz aficionado Ryan Carniaux, to an enthusiastic group of Iranian filmmakers, dancers, and costume designers.

Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra’s live performances are nothing short of spellbinding. Their stage presence, pulsating with vitality and engagement, coupled with their unique “Holy Desert Funk” sound, promises to transport audiences right into the heart of the desert.

Through music and holograms, they bring the desert’s mystic solitude and expansive beauty to life, captivating listeners with their multifaceted musical journey.

“Heal” is more than a song—it’s a global endeavour, a testament to the power of music in uniting diverse cultures and encapsulating shared experiences, and a compelling call for inner healing and connection in a world that often feels fractured.

It is a signal of what Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra can offer and a reminder of the transformative power of music.

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