Nick Morrison Unveils A Global Folk Sound “Mountain Goat”

French-American Musician Nick Morrison Blends American Folk with African Rhythms in His Captivating Solo Debut “Mountain Goat”

Nick Morrison, a French-American guitarist, singer, and composer, has just released his debut single, “Mountain Goat,” heralding a significant leap forward in his blossoming solo career.

Known for his passion for West African string music and American folk, Nick Morrison has skillfully crafted a musical identity that bridges continents and cultures.

Mountain Goat” is a vibrant showcase of Morrison’s unique ability to merge diverse musical traditions into a cohesive and compelling sound.

His mastery in integrating the soulful narratives of American songwriting with the complex rhythms of African music makes the track a standout piece.

The single draws influence from icons like Nick Drake and Paul Simon and African legends such as Ali Farka Touré and Oumou Sangaré, creating a familiar and refreshingly innovative sound.

The “Mountain Goat” production features Ekowmania & the Rhythmers, led by Ghanaian drumming legend Ekow Alabi Savage. This collaboration provides a rich rhythmic base, enhancing Morrison’s intricate guitar work and passionate vocal delivery.

The interplay of Morrison’s guitar with African percussion creates a lively yet introspective atmosphere that invites listeners to explore the depths of each musical layer.

Morrison’s journey into music has been marked by a series of transformative experiences, from a pivotal jam session with Tinariwen to a two-month immersion in Senegal.

These experiences have influenced his musical style and deepened his understanding and appreciation of global music traditions, which resonate throughout “Mountain Goat.”

The single demonstrates Morrison’s technical prowess and his ability to convey deep emotional and cultural narratives through music.

His previous collaborations with the Polyversal Souls and performances alongside African music heavyweights have refined his approach, blending melancholic melodies with ecstatic harmonies in a way that only a musician with a deep-rooted appreciation for both American and African influences can.

Nick Morrison Unveils A Global Folk Sound "Mountain Goat"
Nick Morrison Unveils A Global Folk Sound “Mountain Goat”

With “Mountain Goat” leading the way, Nick Morrison is poised to become a prominent figure in the global folk music scene.

His forthcoming releases, including an EP or full album expected by the end of the year, are eagerly anticipated by fans eager to hear more of his innovative fusion of musical heritages.

This debut single sets a high bar, promising a future repertoire that celebrates and elevates global folk music’s rich, diverse sounds.

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