Nell Davies Releases New Single “Everything And Nothing”

Based in rural west Cornwall, Nell Davies is an indie musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. When it comes to her music, she’s influenced by artists like the Buzzcocks and Sleater-Kinney, as well as Helen Love and Helen Love and Sleater-Helen Kinney’s Love.

To depict a story of shattered adolescent passion at an indie disco in the 1990s, her debut track, “Kurt and Courtney,” combined punk guitars with a bubblegum pop sound. June and Jennifer Gibbons are the subjects of another face’s lyrics, which are set to eerie post-punk guitars and atmospheric synths.

A Sad Kind of Freedom is an indie rock anthem about feeling lost, both literally and symbolically, and about how, no matter where you go, you can’t escape yourself, whereas Happy Birthday is a joyous indie pop song with a gloomy edge and a singalong chorus.

For the first time ever, Nell started composing music in 2020 after reading Viv Albertine’s book. At her Cornwall farm, she records and creates her own music in a converted pigsty.

Nell Davies’ latest single, “Everything and Nothing,” is a clever punk-pop love ballad about passion and delusion. The song’s lyrics portray a person who is both enamored and skeptical about romantic relationships.

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