Mr Julz Features Bessem On New Summer Jam “Recliner Baby”

Because Mr. Julz and Bessem helped bring Afrobeat to the forefront of the music business, you will find that you appreciate this song even more than before.

“Recliner Baby” is an upbeat Afrobeat and Afropop love song that tells the story of a man who is confessing his feelings to the woman he has recently fallen in love with.

Anyone who listens to the music will have a great time, as it was written with that goal in mind. They worked their magic on this song together, and it sounds like it’s here to stay.

The song “Recliner Baby” is great for a day of rest at the beach or a calm night under the night sky due to its high replay value.

It’s a sweet Afrobeat Afropop song about falling madly in love with someone special, and it perfectly captures the spirit of a carefree summer romance.

Sweet and emotional confessions fill the lyrics, and the music, which has lively rhythm and melodic guitar lines, as the lead character professes his fondness and emotions for the subject of his love.

The term, “Recliner Baby,” alludes to a state of ease and contentment, suggesting that he finds joy in this person’s company.

This upbeat love song perfectly depicts the enchantment of a summer love affair, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the happiness of a new relationship and the thrill of expressing their emotions to someone they care about.

Listen to the song below and watch the video as well. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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