Monti Korbelle Unleashes “The Absolute State of the Absolute State”

A singer, songwriter, and composer from Pittsburgh, United States with the name of Monti Korbelle has done something remarkable. He has released a remarkable album titled “The Absolute State of the Absolute State,” which is a name of great significance.

Korbelle borrows from the palette of artists like Tove Lo, Oklou, S10, MILYMA, James Blake and Lana Lubany to give contemporary music a new and exciting face, filled with energy and freshness.

“Healing, Nothing More” ambient album by Korbelle led to his creative rejuvenation with his current work. The “Absolute State of the Absolute State” pulsates with a lively combination of electronic sounds, which show his artistic maturity process through his evolution. Now, as both the writer and producer, Korbelle’s multifaceted gifts come through the song perfectly.

The album is distinguished for its full soundscape, making it an alternative pop-infused. It gathers together introspective verses with lively grooves in a very skilful way and it is easy to be fascinated from the beginning session to the end. The balance of production strength and the “Ruth” lyrically makes for a rich listen to the tune.

Born in San Antonio, Texas Korbelle never sticks to one style of music, as he infuses fresh elements into his sound time and again. He brings change to the music field using his way—which is against the current leitmotif, because it allows listeners to submerge in his universe.

“The Absolute State of the Absolute State” is a 16-track LP that features ‘Going In’, ‘Fervent Citizen’, ’Tiffany’s Car’, ‘Pulling Me Under’, ‘A Girl Named Zara,’ ‘Let the Wax Drop,’ and ‘Are You Listening’ tracks in it. Every track shows his versatility and helps to form the almost kaleidoscopic project.

Monti Korbelle Unleashes "The Absolute State of the Absolute State"
Monti Korbelle Unleashes “The Absolute State of the Absolute State”

A year of truly dedicated, in-house production and recording right here in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh bear witness to the outcome, with the album being none other than our reloaded and reborn self.

This marks an important transition in Monti Korbelle’s musical career, enabling him to move past his past creations and reveal a new, confident spirit. It is not only a captivating album when it comes to rhythm and its distinct character but also a bold one because of its lyrics and the vibrant self-confidence of the lyrics.

The record “The Absolute State of the Absolute State” is a musical revelation for Monti Korbelle; it serves as a reaffirmation that he`s one of the most important and creative artists in the music industry today.

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