Milla Thyme Releases A Masterful Funky And Upbeat New Single “Smooth It Out”

Milla Thyme is a sincere and dedicated artist who builds on the foundations laid by others and boldly shapes them to fit the modern day and period.

Milla Thyme’s artistic style is one of a kind and cannot be replicated on a technical level since she was born and raised in Toronto before relocating to Montreal.

By intertwining his skills as a rapper, bassist, and producer/composer, he has established himself as a socially conscious rapper and proficient musician who has earned critical praise amongst his peers and across Canada. This praise has been garnered both within Canada and internationally.

Hip-hop, Neo-soul, and jazz are all styles that Thyme prides himself on incorporating into his work. He has been inspired by a wide variety of musical styles, performers, and artists. His songs and lines are well-crafted and relate to the situations we all go through, making his music instantly approachable and universal.

In order to get the inspiration he needs to push boundaries and create music that will last the test of time, he turns to the great and influential artists of the past, such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Miles Davis.

Jonny Tobin, a keyboardist, and producer based in Vancouver who has been nominated for both a Grammy and a Juno, collaborated with Thyme once again on this single. Jonny Tobin has firmly established himself over the course of the last several years as one of the most in-demand keyboardists and producers in Canada.

This will be a follow-up to his most recent release, which was titled “Exaltation” and was released in July of this past year. Milla calls this tune “a guaranteed bop.”

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