Milena Galasso Confronts Relationship Anxieties With “Goodnight Loser”

Milena Galasso‘s “Goodnight Loser” Delivers A Summer Anthem Of Relatable Heartache

London-Based Singer-Songwriter Milena Galasso Captures Insecurity and Resilience in Catchy New Single “Goodnight Loser“.

Milena Galasso‘s new song, “Goodnight Loser,” is going to be a big hit.

Milena Galasso‘s unique sound in the pop music scene comes from her Italian and Serbian roots. She is known for being honest and writing songs that are both serious and funny.

It’s easy to feel insecure and doubtful of yourself after being in a bad relationship, and “Goodnight Loser” goes deep into that. With phrases like “You talk about her like it’s no big deal” , “She’s just a friend you don’t want me to meet,”

Milena Galasso writes beautifully about the worries many people have had about love. These touching words are wrapped in very catchy pop hooks, which means that the chorus’s “maybe I, maybe I” is likely to become a summer earworm.

It was produced by Avi Kytes and Chris Sutherland and mixed by Peter Maher. “Goodnight Loser” mixes pop and R&B sounds without any problems. The song sounds like Tate McRae’s “I Used to Think I Could Fly,” making it sound both new and old.

I Hope You’re Having Fun,” Milena Galasso‘s first EP, promises to keep exploring personal topics with a lively and familiar touch. The EP, which was recorded at the famous Angel and Abbey Road Studios, is sure to make Galasso a major new figure in the music business.

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Milena Galasso has come a long way in just one year. She is now a WARCHILD support artist and a finalist in the Isle of Wight New Blood competition 2024.

Her live shows, which have been packed at places like the O2 Academy Islington and Camden Assembly, have shown how talented and charismatic she is.

Milena Galasso Confronts Relationship Anxieties With "Goodnight Loser"
Milena Galasso Confronts Relationship Anxieties With “Goodnight Loser”

With “Goodnight Loser,” Milena Galasso not only solidifies her place in pop music, but she also gives anyone who’s ever felt unappreciated a comforting song. As we wait for Galasso’s first EP to come out, it’s clear that her journey is one to follow.

Milena Galasso has accounts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud where you can find out about her new music and future shows.

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