Michael Lyon Releases Timeless Album ‘What Could Be’

There are musicians and then there are musicians that have a position in the music industry similar to Michael Lyon. The latter group includes Michael Lyon.

Michael’s music is a captivating combination of deep emotions and concepts. When Michael Lyon was a little child growing up in Arlington, Virginia, his parents would wake him up in the morning by playing songs from the Great American Songbook instead of using an alarm clock. The compelling songs from Broadway musicals excited Michael.

The Fab Four, Chuck Berry, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Jim Croce, Paul Simon, the Everly Brothers, and even Mozart (the experience of visiting his birthplace in Salzburg is hard to beat) were some of the artists that influenced Michael when he was a student at Stanford University.

After being touched by their song, he picked up a guitar and began to sing along. “What Could Be,” Lyon’s fourth studio album, takes listeners on a musical journey that is both personal and broad.

The album’s 14 acoustic songs are marked by calm guitar chords and passionate vocal harmonies. Each element on the album delicately equalises the others to let Lyon’s creative talent shine through.

The album’s opener, “Sunrise,” shows Lyon’s storytelling skills. His lyrics inspire contemplation and accurately portray humanity.

Although Lyon is a great composer, he is so much more. He is a talented guitarist with a soft but dynamic playing style. On songs like “What Could Be” and “I’ll Be There,” Lyon’s guitar melodies reach new heights and immerse the listener in an outpouring of feeling.

The musicians who produced “What Could Be” recorded the song at ReadyMix Recording Studios in North Hollywood and Van Nuys, California.

The final mastering work was done by Don Tyler of IO Mastering, with Paul Horabin contributing as both engineer and co-producer.

Michael Lyon Releases Timeless Album ‘What Could Be’
Michael Lyon Releases Timeless Album ‘What Could Be’

Listeners of every age will find the amazing album “What Could Be” interesting. It serves as a display of Michael Lyon’s abilities and creativity as well as a reminder of the special ability of music to connect with our hearts and souls.

“What Could Be” struck me as an album that was both interesting and heartfelt when taken as a whole. Musicians of all ages will like Michael Lyon’s songs since he is a gifted musician and composer.

On his website, you may listen to his songs. Check out this album if you’re looking for music that can be both peaceful and uplifting.

You can connect with Michael via Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

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