Meet The Buzzing Afrobeats Singer Prinz Xtra

Skolars Entertainment’s First Signee Poised to Shake Up Ghana’s Music Scene Prinz Xtra

Prinz Xtra, the promising new talent from Skolars Entertainment, has burst onto the Ghanaian music scene with his debut single “Money Icon

This track showcases the artist’s remarkable journey from high school rap battles to a polished, genre-blending sound that’s set to captivate listeners across the nation.

Born Prince Teye Matey in Odumase Krobo, Eastern Region, Prinz Xtra’s musical journey is one of perseverance and passion. Despite losing his father at a young age, he found solace and purpose in music, honing his skills through campus rap competitions and local performances.

“Yenko” is a testament to Prinz Xtra’s evolving artistry. The song seamlessly blends Afrobeats rhythms with pop sensibilities, creating an irresistible groove that’s both fresh and familiar. Prinz’s vocals shine throughout, demonstrating impressive range and emotive power that belies his newcomer status.

The production quality of “Yenko” is top-notch, with crisp percussion and lush harmonies providing a perfect backdrop for Prinz’s melodies. The track’s structure is well-crafted, building from a gentle intro to an energetic chorus that’s sure to get listeners moving.

What sets “Yenko” apart is Prinz Xtra’s lyrical depth. Drawing from his personal experiences, he weaves a narrative that’s both relatable and inspiring. The song’s themes of ambition and resilience resonate strongly, reflecting the artist’s own journey from campus performer to rising star.

While comparisons to established Ghanaian artists like Sarkodie and Stonebwoy are inevitable, Prinz Xtra carves out his own unique space in the music landscape.

Meet The Buzzing Afrobeats Singer Prinz Xtra
Meet The Buzzing Afrobeats Singer Prinz Xtra

His ability to switch effortlessly between rap and melodic singing showcases a versatility that’s rare in newcomers.

“Yenko” marks a promising debut for Prinz Xtra and sets high expectations for his future releases. With its catchy hooks, polished production, and authentic storytelling, this single positions him as an artist to watch in Ghana’s vibrant music scene.

As Prinz Xtra continues to develop his craft at Mount Mary College of Education, music fans can expect big things from this talented newcomer.

If “Yenko” is any indication, Skolars Entertainment has struck gold with their first signee.

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