Maya Jupiter and Nova Emad Unite To Drop Captivating Song “Kites”

The moment we heard it, we were so enthralled that we couldn’t help but return it to you in the same condition that it was sent. By any measure, it’s a solid tune!

The new single “Kites” by Maya Jupiter and Nova Emad is further proof that the two artists couldn’t be more perfect for one another. You will eventually own up to this.

As they combine elements from their diverse cultural origins to create something fresh and original, they demonstrate their adaptability and imagination.

There is always space to focus on the issues that matter, even in moments of joy and celebration. The song is a perfect union of music and meaning, and fans are asked to tune into its core cry for peace and an end to bloodshed worldwide.

Maya Jupiter, a hip-hop activist of Mexican and Turkish descent, got off to a great start and maintained that momentum throughout. She has an incredibly audible voice and an irresistible flow to her performance.

Without Nova Emad’s mesmerizing voice, the song would have been incomplete, transporting listeners to a world of uplifting harmonics and catchy rhythms.

The song is musically daring as well as culturally consequential, reflecting the global nature of music and the transformative potential of creative collaboration.

Listen to the song below and follow Maya Jupiter on Facebook, Instagram and X and Nova Emad on Instagram.


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