Mase J Embraces His Outcast Spirit And Stir A Musical Whirlwind With ‘What’s It To You?’

Mase J: Derby’s Storm in a Rhyme Vesse

Mase J has carved out a niche for himself as Derby’s most recognised alternative rap musician, despite the city’s rich musical history.

His music is as unabashedly distinct as it is appealing, embodying the spirit of a maverick and the force of a roiling storm.

Mase J has continued the popularity of his early releases after receiving high marks for his EP “Hello World!” With each new album, he solidifies his position as an important figure in the global rap scene, one whose influence extends far beyond his native Derby.

Now, the buzz in the music business points to an exciting new development: a new song that is expected to be the first single from his forthcoming EP. Mase J has linked up with Groovaloo again because of the latter’s prowess behind the mixing desk. They’re going to release a song that’s as much of an introspective journey as it is a musical pleasure.

In his next single “What’s It To You?”, Mase J addresses his fans’ concerns about his absence and provides an honest look into his life over the previous several months. It’s a brazen admission of guilt from an artist with a reputation for sincerity.

Mase J Embraces His Outcast Spirit And Stir A Musical Whirlwind With 'What's It To You'
Mase J Embraces His Outcast Spirit And Stir A Musical Whirlwind With ‘What’s It To You’

This song is all about getting back together, whether it’s with old friends, his life’s course, or just his headspace after a breakup. The single, which promises a very personal trip paired with Mase J’s characteristic alternative rap style, is as much a journal entry as it is a song.

Fans’ eagerness for the upcoming song is a reflection of Mase J’s outsized influence in the industry. In spite of his reputation as an outsider and a restless creative force, he clearly still manages to connect with his audience via the tales he tells in his songs.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
My biggest influences would be Kendrick Lamar & Mac Miller! Both of them have impacted my music & life in massive ways. I have always struggled with being vulnerable so they both have taught me it’s okay to do so through music & away from the microphone as well.

What inspired you to write “What’s It To You?”
The inspiration behind my latest single was the film The Truman Show, how he’s in a fake world created for him. It got me thinking about how artists can create worlds for themselves & others to live in, & ultimately the philosophy behind our artistic voices.

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
Through my music, I hope to spread love. I remember when I was down & out, the music I was listening to seriously helped me get through what I was going through, so I just want to provide that same helping hand.

What was the most challenging aspect of recording your latest album?
The most challenging part of recording my latest EP has been asking myself how vulnerable I want to be. Do I really want people to see me that way? Will I be shunned? & ultimately, will this even help anyone?

What has been your favourite moment or experience as a musician so far?
My favourite experience of being a musician so far has been performing & meeting like-minded human beings, people of the same frequency. We may not all be/think the same but through music we can really open up a window to communicate with each other better.

How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
I don’t balance it hahaha. I am a musician before I am a human being. It’s probably going to bite me in the arse one day; but, for now, I travel the unknown road.

How do you handle negative criticism or feedback on your music?
I handle negative criticism by reminding myself that Kanye West got declined by multiple labels when. pitching his debut album. When he finally got accepted, The College Dropout became one of the most critically acclaimed & respected albums in the past 25 years. If it’s good enough for Kanye, it’s good enough for me!

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