Marc Rangel’s Captivating Dream Pop Journey Unveils the Emotive Gem: ‘If You Miss Me’

Since making her professional debut in 2019, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and composer Marc Rangel has been making waves in the music world.

But at the early age of 12, she started her path as a creative when she developed a liking for composing music. To her legion of devoted followers, she is just known as Marc Rangel, yet she is one of the most talented composers in Los Angeles.

Marc Rangel revitalises the R&B scene with her soulful sound and impressive vocal range. She brings a breath of new air to the genres of R&B and Pop with her unique sound, from all the way from West Covina, California. The ultimate product is a sound tapestry that goes across borders and captures listeners’ emotions.

Marc Rangel’s new song, “If You Miss Me,” is a stunning demonstration of the kind of extraordinary skill that can only come from a single performer. This ethereal piece of pop music is certain to become a fan favourite.

Marc’s “If You Miss Me” highlights a moment of tremendous emotional depth and was written and sung by Marc herself. The song was written by Marc at a time of emotional upheaval when she was thinking about how much she missed the person who had hurt her so many times. In this moving examination of hurt and healing, she longed for the roles to be reversed, with the offender taking the initiative to make apologies.

Marc Rangel’s sincere words and powerful voice are skillfully complemented by Brandon Zano’s skilful production of the music. Marc and Brandon’s chemistry is palpable; they have a remarkable ability to blend their individual aesthetic tastes into a single, powerful work.

Marc Rangel’s literary skills are on display in “If You Miss Me,” which has moments of both weakness and strength. Her sincerity in singing these insightful words touches the heart and soul of the listener. Marc expertly transports us into her world with her haunting melodies and mesmerising vocal delivery, making us feel every one of her emotions along with her.

Marc Rangel further establishes herself as an unstoppable musical powerhouse with her hypnotic new tune. Her extraordinary talent as a songwriter and singer-songwriter makes her a unique musical star. The song “If You Miss Me” is a reflection of her talent, capturing the feelings of desire, recovery, and development in a manner that speaks to listeners all around the world.

Listening to “If You Miss Me,” with its enveloping atmosphere, is like being whisked away to a place where emotions may flow freely and where the transformative power of music can serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and release. Marc Rangel’s charismatic stage presence makes us anxious for the next stage of her musical development.

Last but not least, “If You Miss Me” is an entrancing jewel that stands out among Marc Rangel’s stellar career. It’s a credit to her creative vision and limitless creativity that she can combine dream pop tastes with meaningful lyrics.

Marc Rangel’s rising reputation is proof that her distinctive voice is captivating listeners, and she is quickly becoming one of Los Angeles’ most prized musical commodities.

So let the lilting tunes of Marc Rangel’s “If You Miss Me” carry you away on an introspective voyage of regret and reconciliation.

Marc Rangel's Captivating Dream Pop Journey Unveils the Emotive Gem: 'If You Miss Me
Marc Rangel’s Captivating Dream Pop Journey Unveils the Emotive Gem: ‘If You Miss Me

What initially sparked your passion for crafting music?
My grandpa was a musician. My mom and aunt used to sing. So I kinda grew up with music filling the house at all times and so I kind of just naturally fell into it.

Among the myriad of compositions, you’ve created throughout your career, which piece stands out as the most thought-provoking?
One of my favourite songs that I’ve made so far still is “Reminiscing” from my first EP. That’s one of the songs I’ll always be most proud of lyrically & sonically. I think that was the song that took us the longest to finish that project also.

Could you reveal your creative sanctuary, the place where you find yourself most creatively energized and free?
Honestly, idk if I have one. I write literally everywhere. I write a lot in my room. Just randomly, sometimes late at night or at 1 pm. Whenever something hits me I’ll usually stop what I’m doing and get it out. Sometimes I’m just freestyling over random beats in my car. So it just depends.

What would you identify as your greatest strength as an artist, and how does it influence your musical creations?
I think songwriting is definitely my biggest strength as an artist. Of course, I love singing and performing. But songwriting is something I just absolutely love in a different way. I don’t talk about my feelings out loud very often, if at all. So songwriting is how I get it all out. It helps me grow as a musician as a whole because I’m constantly just trying to improve that skill and everything else comes along.

What steps and methods do you employ to bring your artistic vision to life?
I just live life! The art follows

Were there any specific influences or experiences that shaped its thematic direction?
The song “If You Miss Me” was inspired by me missing an “ex” but not wanting to let them know that. I think we all have those weak moments when we wanna go back to what’s familiar, even if it’s not good for us.

Could you elaborate on the steps and practices you undertake to continually refine and enhance your musical abilities?
I think it’s cos I’m just constantly writing. I mean I write 100s of songs. I’m still in the rollout for this new EP I have coming out, but I already have over 40 songs written for the next one already! All of them aren’t good, but that’s how you get better!

What strategies or aspirations do you have in mind to extend your music to a global audience?
I’m just going with the flow. I don’t like to think too much about that cos it stresses me out and makes me insecure. But, I love what I do and I’m working hard every day. In God’s timing.

Looking back, what would you consider the highlight of your musical journey thus far, and how has it impacted your growth as an artist?
I think releasing my first EP “All’s well that ends well”. Releasing music period but my first project was so special to me. I used to be recording these songs to YouTube beats in my closet on garage band. To now, doing what I’m doing. It’s the greatest feeling.

How do you envision further developing your music and solidifying your identity as an artist?
I love r&b music. And that’s the kind of artist I see myself as. But I also really love Pop music, and I like Pop-Rock. Country! So it’s been cool trying to find a balance of mixing all those sounds and genres with r&b. But it’s exciting to experiment! And find my true sound. I still don’t think I’ve found it yet, but I’m working.

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