Lyia Meta’s “Always You” Is A Symphony Of Love And Legacy

Lyia Meta‘s latest album, “Always You,” confidently pays homage to the literary prowess of Denise Dimin while simultaneously infusing it with her own personal experiences and emotions, creating a powerful and original musical expression.

Lyia is more than simply a vocalist; she was born in the middle of Los Angeles but spent much of her life honing her skill in Malaysia. She is a multi-talented artist who is accomplished in a variety of artistic fields, including being a visual artist and a singer who has won awards.

Her soundscapes are diverse, spanning the roughness of blues to the exquisite notes of classical music; as a result, she has become a phenomenon that is felt all over the world.

Since Lyia was a little girl, people have been drawn to her distinctive voice. Listeners are enraptured not just by the depth and breadth of her vocal range, but also by the way in which she fuses jazz subtleties with her operatic base.

Because of her distinctive tone, she has won the hearts of listeners everywhere from the busy streets of Malaysia to the boulevards of Los Angeles.

In “Always You” the collaboration between Lyia and Denise Dimin is reminiscent of a duet performed by an experienced poet and a brilliant pianist.

Through the prism of jazz and pop music, they investigate deep subjects such as the delicate dance of love, the myriad splendours of life, and the pure pleasure of being alive.

The title tune, which harkens back to the glory days of jazz bars, radiates a feeling nostalgic for the past while invigoratingly contemporary.

While firmly rooted in the here and now, its sensual undertones and dreamy rhythm provide a subtle reference to the renowned singers of days gone by.

Lyia Meta's 'Always You' Is A Symphony Of Love And Legacy
Lyia Meta’s ‘Always You’ Is A Symphony Of Love And Legacy

This album is not only a demonstration of Lyia’s remarkable contralto vocal range, but it also serves as a testimonial to her talent in maximising the potential of her voice and transforming it into a work of art.

The new EP aims to provide even more of this enchantment by fusing classical expertise with current sensibilities. This mix has established Lyia Meta as a musical force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Listeners get a glimpse of a musical master at work in the song “Always You”. This maestro combines his passion, training, and natural skill to create a sound that is at once classic and very personal.

The most recent album released by Lyia Meta is an experience that you won’t want to miss out on if you’re looking for a record that will move your spirit and have your feet tapping at the same time.

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