Love Ghost’s “The Speed of Dreaming”: A Dreamlike Odyssey In Alternative Rock

In the mix of “The Speed of Dreaming” by Love Ghost; an album of magical impressions of travelling through the planes of dreams and feelings, we adventurously go.

Expressed in the moody city of Mexico, this four-track album of the Los Angeles-based band is an artistic exploration of the emotional landscapes that are usually found in our dreams.

The EP starts with “Be Not Afraid” which is a song that takes you down to the world of dreams and fills this world with craziness. The vocal delivery of Finnegan Bell, with all its emotional impact, together with the capturing of Daniel Alcala’s guitar, describes the restless nights full of intense feelings.

The first song of the record is undoubtedly a manifestation of Love Ghost’s potential to craft appealing and intense music that would touch people. The band’s European tour already crowned with successful singles and applause of the international community proves that they are now recognized globally.

And playing at the Rockpalast in Germany is the other step for them to become rock stars worldwide. Their influence of starting in Mexico City had reaped benefits, enabled by regular shows in various spaces and occasions.

This indicates their growing appeal and influence. The second single, “Espejo,” is a manifestation of Love Ghost’s versatility and as such, can offer a different perspective to listeners. It remixes emotional alternative rock and lyrical Spanish guitar, producing music in a bilingual style.

This is a song that El Santi worked together on with Mexican artist Alex Pedrero to create the artwork. After that, “Luna Azul,” the third song with the mention of both emo-pop-rock elements and jazz guitar playing in Spanish, appears.

In this piece, the dream vocals of Helian and Monde were lead-produced by BrunOG alongside Monde the band’s international collaboration. The last song in the album is “Wallflower”, a lightly touching and emotional acoustic piece which has some modern synth elements too.

Love Ghost's "The Speed of Dreaming": A Dreamlike Odyssey In Alternative Rock
Love Ghost’s “The Speed of Dreaming”: A Dreamlike Odyssey In Alternative Rock

It is the first song of the album recorded by veteran Spaniard artist, Alex Pedrero. Unlike many other tracks of the album, this music video was made using AI by Michal Toczek, a Polish artist.

“The Speed of Dreaming” is rather beyond the album, it’s an exploration via the dreamland with artists from various music genres and collaboration partners from across the globe.

In addition to Love Ghost’s music showing dreams, they’ve also experienced major achievements in their artistic path. Along with this newest release, Oasis can put fans in a melody that blends reality and dreams to make them feel a new kind of memory which they will never forget.

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