Love Ghost Drops Electrifying New EP “Scream”

Alt-Rock Sensation Love Ghost Collaborates with Mexican Artists in Dynamic New Release “Scream” EP

Alt-rock band Love Ghost is back with a bang, releasing their electrifying new EP, “Scream.”

Produced by Mexican Hard Rock artist Monde, this EP showcases high-energy tracks created in collaboration with various Mexican artists, delivering a rich blend of genres and cultural influences.

The title track “Scream” sets the tone with its raw intensity, while standout songs like “Rockstar Lifestyle” (featuring El Verumcito), “Daydream” (featuring La Sinclair), “Throw Down” (featuring Helian Evans), and “RAGE” (featuring 3Angel) highlight Love Ghost’s ability to fuse different musical styles seamlessly.

Each track is accompanied by a music video, enhancing the listening experience with compelling visual storytelling.

Love Ghost has been riding a wave of critical acclaim, earning praise from major media outlets. Their recent tours have taken them across Europe, including a notable performance at the Rockpalast festival in Germany.

They’ve also rocked stages in Mexico City, performing at venues such as Auditorio BB and Indie Foro Rocks. Their performances, broadcast throughout Latin America, have solidified their presence on the international stage.

Frontman Finnegan Bell has been instrumental in expanding Love Ghost‘s global footprint, actively collaborating with numerous Latin artists and producers like Shantra, BrunOG, and SAGA.

This commitment to cross-cultural collaboration is evident in the band’s eclectic sound and diverse influences.

Love Ghost Drops Electrifying New EP Scream
Love Ghost Drops Electrifying New EP Scream

Scream” is a testament to Love Ghost’s innovative approach to music, blending hard rock with Latin rhythms and contemporary rock elements.

The five-track EP promises a powerful and engaging listening experience that will resonate with fans worldwide.

Track list:

  1. Scream
  2. Throw Down (featuring Helian Evans)
  3. RAGE (featuring 3Angel)
  4. Daydream (featuring La Sinclair)
  5. Rockstar Lifestyle (featuring El Verumcito)

Love Ghost continues to push the boundaries of alt-rock, and “Scream” is a clear demonstration of their dynamic artistry and global appeal.

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