LokkisKott Unleashes Emotionally Charged Single “Deep Inside”

Australian musician LokkisKott is very expressive in his new single, which is full of painful emotions, melancholy, and bitterness. The man sings about himself, combining haunting vocal and guitar textures with naked authenticity.

In New South Wales, Australia’s multi-talent artist, Lachie Alford, resurrects his magical band, “LokkisKott,” with stirring lyrics about love and heartbreak. The heartbreaking story titled “Deep Inside” reveals how difficult it was to expose one’s own weaknesses and insecurities.

This is a Gothic-influenced alternative metal style, with LokkkisKott’s vocals melding effortlessly with the enshrouding layers of gloomy acoustics.

With utmost passion, the artist’s real-life hardships are reflected in the track’s lyrics; hence, it is a real-time story.

His soundscape is somehow similar to voices like Chester Bennington, vocalist from Linkin Park and Corey Taylor whose singers sang for bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace although it is still unique. Its emotional strength will surely hit home with those fans who enjoy raw, inside-out music.

“Deep Inside” symbolizes the merger of those initial rock sounds produced by musicians like AC/DC, Slipknot and Linkin Park which grew in the town of Goulburn which is situated in the state of NSW.

LokkisKott Unleashes Emotionally Charged Single "Deep Inside"
LokkisKott Unleashes Emotionally Charged Single “Deep Inside”

Nevertheless, LokkisKott does not just refer to mere influence; it is a knitted tapestry made of childhood background and life experiences. It was from this point that Kott’s artistic creativity began to fully crystallize and eventually mature into what we now know as LokkisKott.

“Deep Inside,” however, is not a mere song; rather, it is an emotive utterance out of experience of the essence of crafting music that speaks without words by LokkisKott.

Life’s complexity is perfectly reflected in these songs, portraying them as ghostly tunes with heartbreaking lyrics.

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