Like The Phoenix Smith St. Nicholas Emerges With “Our Storyline”

About Smith St. Nicholas

Smith St. Nicholas grew up in Wisconsin but currently resides in Harlem, New York City. Nicholas has been compared to musicians such as Harry Styles, Conan Gray, Taylor Swift, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Cautious Clay, Loote, and Troye Sivan due to his broad vocal range. Nicholas’s tale is nothing short of incredible. His six-year struggle to overcome the medical trauma that caused him to lose his singing abilities. At the time of his illness, he was teaching English in rural China.

The illness spread swiftly to his lungs and throat, making even speaking difficult. He had to leave two international singing groups and abandon his ambition of a music career. He compared regaining his voice to yelling from the top of a mountain in the rain. His debut track, Our Storyline, perfectly expresses this feeling.

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About The Release “Our Storyline”

This song is inspired by Smith St. Nicholas’ experience gaining the strength to overcome the medical trauma that caused him to lose his voice. “Our Storyline” not only demonstrates Nicholas’ excitement to share his return to the music scene, but it also declares that this great singer and composer has the ability to take the independent music business by storm. His melodic brilliance, literary intent, and boundless enthusiasm are unparalleled.

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