Liberati Releases A Satirical Pop Anthem Entitled ‘Famous’

Liberati‘s ‘Famous’: A Satirical Pop Anthem Shaking Up the Sound Waves.

Liberati is a musician and composer from Malibu, California, who has achieved international success.

He has amassed an amazing 6,000 song placements across television shows, films, and other multimedia platforms with his distinctive voice and unique pop songs.

The new song by Liberati is called “Famous,” and it’s a scathing critique of our culture’s fixation with celebrity. The song’s clever lyrics call attention to the rampant individualism in today’s society, deftly blending sharp satire with irresistible pop tunes.

Like 1975, LANY, and Joan, “Famous” is a synth-heavy hymn that expertly combines the classic appeal of the 1980s with contemporary narrative-driven composition. Liberati, a former collegiate all-star quarterback, credits these musicians as having a significant impact on his own style.

After breaking into the music industry, Liberati made a splash with his co-written single “Parachute,” the music video for which has amassed over 10.9 million views and made The Song House a viral sensation. This achievement alone demonstrates his skill as a lyricist and bodes well for his future successes.

But “Famous” is more than just another catchy tune for the summer. It’s a biting indictment of our culture’s fixation on material achievement and rapid fulfilment. Instead of being preachy, Liberati offers this criticism via catchy melodies and layered vocal lines, putting the listener in an ironic position where they can’t help but sing along to the precise critique of their behaviour.

The song’s strong bass line was played by Liberati, who was nominated for a Grammy. His brilliant guitar riffs add even more life to the track, creating a trance-like environment that makes it easy to get lost in the song’s infectious groove while still being conscious of its heartfelt message.

The song “Famous” is a perfect example of Liberati’s unique sound and impressive songwriting skills. This sparkling, acutely observed pop jewel proves what many have known all along: Liberati isn’t simply another face in the throng.

He’s an indisputable musical powerhouse who has made a career out of turning catchy stories into infectious hits.

Liberati Releases A Satirical Pop Anthem Entitled 'Famous'
Liberati Releases A Satirical Pop Anthem Entitled ‘Famous’

What kick-started your songwriting journey?
My uncle was a singer/songwriter who became most known for his family-friendly annual Christmas concerts where I grew up near Pittsburgh, PA. I was enamoured by his talent, those annual shows, and his band.

I would eventually intern as a teenager at all the different studios his bandmates owned and operated. They all became family to me too and taught me so much about songwriting. production, and the music industry in general. I knew then when I was about 14 that I wanted a life of music, writing and performing.

What’s the most thought-provoking piece you’ve ever written?
Years ago I had this terrible nightmare about my mother passing away, which somehow took place in the 1940s (dreams are chaotic).

It inspired me to write this folk song about love and being strong in unprecedented times. It was called “When My Heart Loved You.” 10/10 chance of you crying when you heard it haha.

I think that one was the most thought-provoking lyrically aside from “Famous” which is my best attempt at social commentary.

Where’s your creative sanctuary?
Great question! Malibu, CA! There’s no other place on the planet that grounds, restores, and inspires me like Malibu. When I first moved to L.A. in 2009, I went to Malibu just about every weekend because it felt like a home from another life or a dream. I just felt so welcome there in my bones.

I eventually moved there in 2017 and can pinpoint a shift in my music for the better since that move. Having immediate access to the ocean and mountains makes for a constant Zen mode where creativity just comes.

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
Empathy. I attribute that to my parents. The art of understanding another’s emotions and motivations and putting yourself in someone’s shoes really helps in the studio when you’re creating something you want to resonate with or when ideating lyrics.

It’s also a key to unlocking great conversations and relationships when on the road and travelling internationally. It’s a universal language in itself.

What is your creative process when making music?
I don’t really have a standard process when creating. Sometimes lyrics come first, sometimes just music, sometimes an entire song including the specifics of the production comes all at once (which is as fun as it is intimidating).

Most of my ideas come when I’m walking my dog, showering, or driving. It takes stillness of mind to allow good ideas to brew. It’s almost like you’re not creating them, but catching them as they pass by in the ether.

For “Famous” I had a little recording of the bassline and groove I sat with more months before the rest of it came to me. Once it did though, the ENTIRETY of the production lived in my head until I could get it into the recording. It was kind of annoying haha.

What inspired you to write your latest album/song?
I was walking my dog one night while simultaneously scrolling through Instagram and TikTok. I had walked close to a full block when I finally looked up and saw the most gorgeous sunset.

I got really sad thinking I could have missed the beauty right in front of me being too concerned with what was going on online. During that scrolling, I saw some former friends who had fallen out of touch in their pursuit of fame.

It struck a nerve with me, so I jotted down a few facetious lyrics and titled the idea “Famous.”

What are the things you do to help perfect your craft?
Most of them aren’t actually music related, but they certainly help me stay grounded, inspired, and happy, which helps me grow my craft. My current top 5 is…

1. Daily prayer/meditation/gratitude review
2. Being in nature daily (walks, hikes, drives, etc)
3. Working out 4-5 times a week
4. Vocal lessons
5. Weekly artist date – this is where you do something to inspire your art, whether it be watching a music-based doc, listening to records, going to a music store, etc.

What are your plans for extending your music beyond USA and Europe?
Between getting song placements on global TV networks and shows, which adds exposure in areas outside of the US and Europe, I am also a member of the rock band The Calling which tours globally. I will be opening for The Calling on their upcoming tours next year to bring my music to other parts of the world. I can’t wait!

What’s the highlight of your career so far?
I don’t know if I can point to just one thing. I’ve been learning more and more to enjoy the journey and this journey has brought me many highlights and has taken me all over the world.

I am very grateful for every highlight and struggle, as they’ve shaped me and my career and kept me striving for more. I think this current season is my favourite so far though.

I feel like I have the most freedom in what I’m creating and who I’m partnering with here and there are different projects. It’s an exciting time where I feel anything could be possible at any moment, like how I felt when I first started in music.

What are future plans for your music and you as a brand?
I’m planning on releasing my new album in different parts throughout the rest of the year until I go back on tour in 2024. I’ve released 3 singles so far, and have a few more in the works for the next couple of months.

I’ve always been a fan of an album over singles, but this release cadence has allowed me to focus on each song individually, which has been nice to give them the spotlights I feel they deserve.

It’s like going through a book chapter by chapter with your audience, I’m really excited to see how it all unfolds.

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