Lark’s ‘I’m With You’ Sparks An Electro-Dance Revolution

Decades of Experience and Influence Collide in ‘I’m With You,’ A New Chapter in Lark‘s Pop Legacy.

Lark is a well-known pop singer hailing from Sydney, Australia, and she is an Australian pop provocateur.

During Lark’s formative years, the music of Madonna, KISS, and ABBA was played often in the family home. She was attracted to the fierceness of Madonna’s 1984 performance, the glitter and sass of KISS, and the melodic, slick pop of ABBA, and all three of them inspired her development as an artist.

Lark has been working in the music business for nearly to 30 years and has performed more live events than she can count. She is now using a series of mentoring videos to pass on her knowledge and expertise to assist aspiring musicians in achieving success in their musical endeavours.

Lark's 'I'm With You' Sparks An Electro-Dance Revolution
Lark’s ‘I’m With You’ Sparks An Electro-Dance Revolution

A new song by her titled “I’m With You” was just released and it’s worth your time to give this electro-pop tune a listen and spread the word about how awesome it is.

Lark creates chart-topping, energising, feel-good music that is meant to inspire, empower, and celebrate its listeners.

Her most recent song, “I’m With You,” is her fifth release overall and marks her entry into the dance music genre. She continues to wow with her brilliant lyrics, warm and soulful voice, and a central message that everyone and everyone can identify with.

Today, Lark may be seen bouncing about and singing into her hairbrush while listening to music like Lizzo, Mylee Cyrus, and Dua Lipa.

Lark is unapologetic about who she is and her accomplishments, which include a plethora of experience in the live music touring circuit, music created for television and cinema, and four top 10 pop successes under her belt.

She has seen life, she has fallen in love, and she has played everywhere from blues bars, concerts, and nightclubs to the fabled Rainbow Room on Sunset Strip.

Her performances have shaken the house to its foundation.

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