L.A.B Unleashes “L.A.B VI”: A Symphony Of Eclectic Sounds

New Zealand’s musical prodigy, L.A.B, has once again proven their extraordinary talent with the release of their latest album, “L.A.B VI.”

This remarkable achievement follows their unprecedented streak of releasing five albums in five years. “L.A.B VI” stands out as a product of nearly two years of intensive writing, recording, and perfecting, showcasing the band’s evolution and cementing its reputation for creating robust and compelling music.

L.A.B, renowned for its unique amalgamation of genres including reggae, electronic, blues, funk, and rock, has carved a niche in the music world with their distinct sound.

Their musical excellence has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by multiple awards at the New Zealand Music Awards, the 2023 Rolling Stone Awards, and recognition as New Zealand’s Best Live Act by Radio New Zealand.

The album was brought to life in collaboration with Lee Prebble at Wellington’s Surgery Studios, interwoven with a demanding tour schedule.

Over the past two years, L.A.B has mesmerized audiences with sold-out shows across New Zealand, Australia, the United States, the UK, and Europe. The group’s dedication to their craft amidst this rigorous touring is reflected in the meticulous work that went into “L.A.B VI.”

From a pool of nearly 30 tracks, the 11 chosen for “L.A.B VI” add a rich layer to their already impressive discography. The album skillfully blends reggae/roots and soul with hints of funk and rock. Notable singles like ‘Take It Away’, ‘Casanova’, ‘Oh No (Pt. 2)’, and ‘Ocean Demon’ each highlight different aspects of L.A.B’s versatile sound.

L.A.B Unleashes L.A.B VI A Symphony Of Eclectic Sounds
L.A.B Unleashes L.A.B VI A Symphony Of Eclectic Sounds

The release of “L.A.B VI” is timed perfectly with a series of special festival appearances, including shows at Electric Avenue in Christchurch, Homegrown in Wellington, and a return to the iconic Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia.

This latest album not only reinforces L.A.B’s eminent standing in the music industry but is also set to captivate fans and music lovers worldwide with its diverse and vibrant tracks.

“L.A.B VI” is more than just an album; it’s a celebration of musical diversity and a testament to the band’s relentless passion and creativity. As L.A.B continues to evolve and enchant, its journey is a beacon for aspiring musicians and a delight for listeners seeking musical depth and diversity.

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