JVC TheDream Drops A New Single ‘Hold Me Down’

JVC TheDream is known for his impassioned singing and chants, as well as his positive mood and instrumentals. He was born and nurtured in the region of the great Congo.

As a young man, he freestyles when he raps. In spite of how serious he is, he performs on open mic nights and other local venues until he graduates from high school. It was time to part ways with his family as he began a new chapter in his life that would lead him to Tunisia.

He is disoriented and has no idea where things take place until he runs into a person who has been his faithful friend ever since they met, and he shows him around the studios in Tunis. He stayed there for three years before moving on to Paris in search of fresh experiences.

Since he entered the recording studio, the urban legend asserts that he has not yet emerged from the building.

In order to give his new extended play (EP) named “Makanisi,” which means “Thought” in the Congolese language of Lingala, his full promotion, JVC has such lofty goals that he no longer leaves the studio of his record company, which is based in Rennes.

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