Josh Savage Delivers Emotional Highs And Lows In “Seeing Red Feeling Blue” EP

Josh Savage Unveils Emotional Odyssey in New EP “Seeing Red Feeling Blue

Josh Savage, a singer-songwriter is back with his much-anticipated EP “Seeing Red Feeling Blue,” which is a touching look at the highs and lows of life’s emotions.

This EP was produced by Julian Simmons, who is known for his work with Ed Sheeran and James Blunt. It was taped in Simmons’ London flat and shows Savage’s deep journey through love, sadness, and finding herself.

Savage adds strong, new energy to his signature style by looking to famous bands like Coldplay and Imagine Dragons for ideas as well as the deep reflection of RY X.

The EP is a reflection on Savage’s life, from his first serious relationship to the short-lived nature of bonds to the different emotions of happiness and loneliness he felt when playing for big crowds.

“Seeing Red Feeling Blue” tells a story about sticking with something even when it’s hard and dealing with bad feelings.

“Fight Another Day,” the lead track, is a great example of being strong because it builds up to a drum and bass ending that represents a never-ending drive to move forward. “Echoes,” which was inspired by a deep talk about money and happiness, shows how small human links can have a big effect over time.

Each song goes into great detail about its subject. For example, “Heaven on Earth” is a touching ode to the joys of friendship, catching the spirit of love and thanks.

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“Winner” talks about how harmful comparison is and encourages people to accept their own unique ways. “Sleep on It” encourages people to be patient and think things through, which can help them stay cool when bad things happen.

Savage‘s rise from small Sofar Sounds shows to sold-out headline shows and opening for Robbie Williams and Snow Patrol shows how popular he is becoming in the music world.

Major media sources like the Huffington Post and BBC Introducing have praised his work, making him a unique voice in the underground music scene.

Josh Savage Delivers Emotional Highs And Lows In "Seeing Red Feeling Blue" EP
Josh Savage Delivers Emotional Highs And Lows In “Seeing Red Feeling Blue” EP

The recording of “Seeing Red Feeling Blue” was especially interesting because it involved Savage‘s Patreon backers and Music NFT holders. This showed how creatively he makes music and interacts with his fans.

Seeing Red Feeling Blue” by Josh Savage is a must-listen for anyone who wants to hear an honest, raw account of life’s emotional extremes, presented with both depth and elegance.

Take a listen to “Seeing Red Feeling Blue” and find out why Josh Savage is still making waves in the independent music world.

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