Jordan Cabo Smith Presents The Remix To His Song “Lead You Afar”

Because he highlights his delivery and adds enticing vocals to the remix, the song sounds much better and prettier than before. There is now available the “Lead You Afar” remix.

The song’s entire feel is like the tides, and the listener is encouraged to experience the full range of feelings that “Lead You Afar” would generate.

The song “Lead You Afar” by Jordan Cabo Smith creates a new musical dimension by fusing together lovely melodies and insightful lyrical content.

This new version of the old song is an investigation into the mystery that is interpersonal relationships, taking the listener on a journey of trust, loyalty, and self-discovery.

The strings and synths complement one another wonderfully to provide a core melody that is catchy and unforgettable, and it stays with you long after the song is over just as the Seattle-based multiple genre musician wants.

The mesmerizing beat, the pulsating bassline, and the pounding drums all work together to produce a pulse that the listener can feel in their own hearts.

In addition, it does much to create a full experience that lingers long after the music has stopped playing, imploring listeners to accept love, value themselves, and persevere in the face of isolation.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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