Janet Noh Weaves Classical Prowess Of Self-Love In Her Debut EP “Love Me More”

The debut EP of Janet Noh, “Love Me More” emerges as a shining light of empowerment and self-discovery.

This classically trained pianist and pop-R&B songwriter, singer, and producer who used to work and live on Wall Street now places all her different experiences from here and there into an EP that speaks straight to your soul.

“Love Me More” is a five-song trip through the terrain of 90’s and 2000’s sounds, contemporary production, and just a bit of Janet’s classical pianist background.

The EP body the topics of self-love and striving, a pitch that is put together from painful experiences and personal battles. After being manipulated and gaslighted by a trusting friend, Janet began her journey of introspection and an art renaissance.

The album’s title track, “Love Me More,” now stands as a potent anthem of endurance. The journey begins with a personal reflection of a toxic relationship, from an internal prison cell ruled by insecurity and control to self-love and freedom.

The evolution is eloquently depicted in the sentences “You made me hate myself”, “You made me face myself” and “ You saved me”. This represents a movement of self-hatred to self-restore.

The chorus, a forceful statement of self-love and power, reveals Janet’s lyrical virtuosity. The repetitiveness of “I love me” is more than a chorus; it means an affirmation of self-value and power.

This motif permeates the EP, from the fierce “Playing Dumb” to a defiant “Do What You Want,” urging listeners to carve their paths in complete disregard of societal norms.

Escaping from the darkness of a toxic relationship, Janet started an endeavour to learn all facets of her music. This yields an EP that features all 5 songs she wrote and produced, a telling sign of her creative freedom. Although she collaborated with producers such as Kubla Khan and GEKKO, the EP has real traces of her voice and vision.

Janet Noh Weaves Classical Prowess Of Self-Love In Her Debut EP "Love Me More"
Janet Noh Weaves Classical Prowess Of Self-Love In Her Debut EP “Love Me More”

Janet Noh’s philosophy of music stems from the fact that music is what the heart speaks. This is evidenced by her EP, the timelessness of classical music meets with the vibrancy of musical theatre and contemporary pop production. This combination brings a special and self-identifying feeling to the attention of each listener.

Love Me More is not only a debut EP but also a story of personal development, artistic strength, and self-love power. Janet Noh’s path from Broadway to the recording studio has led to a musical experience that is transcendent and motivating.

In the course of her continuing evolution and redefining of genre and storytelling boundaries, Janet Noh emerges as an interesting new voice in music which moves listeners both emotionally and spiritually.

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