Jamaica’s Rising Star Intra Is Redefining Dancehall With “Whine It”

And quickly making a name for himself, Intra, a new dancehall artist, from the exciting streets of Kingston, Jamaica, will be known for his innovative style and lyrical genius as well.

Intratek now known as Intra, commenced his expedition in the hall of Calabar High in 2005 and has grown into a mighty force in the music industry.

The turning point that took place in Intra’s career led him to the signing of Booga Basement, which is a US label with ties to the famous Renel and Jerry Duplessis and their brother, the most known Wyclef Jean.

This partnership was a huge milestone as the young artiste became more of a global artiste and his music, which had previously cut across but on a small scale, was now available to an international audience.

Intra’s music draws from a multitude of influences and mixing them up creates a fusion from which the inspiration for new tunes is born. From his decade-long stint playing on stages and talent show platforms comes a sudden rise in his social media popularity.

The spread of recognition does not stop within the boundaries of Jamaica. More than Intra’s music is becoming a part of regular musical repertoire everywhere across the globe.

One of the outstanding characteristics of the artist is the level of cleverness and expression that he inserts into his compositions. He blends his melodramatic sound with soft tunes. Most of which make his songs popular and relatable to most of his listeners.

The song “Whine It” which he recorded, shows his non-orthodox approach, this is where he blends Afrobeat with dancehall elements. The song is futuristic and energetic, where Intra splashes his style of delivery to the listeners in its originality and dedication.

Jamaica’s Rising Star Intra Is Redefining Dancehall With “Whine It”
Jamaica’s Rising Star Intra Is Redefining Dancehall With “Whine It”

The song “Whine It” represents the dances of and embraces the beauty of Jamaican female bodies, delivered in melodious Entitled “Intra’s Songwriting Talent,” this track serves to show off Intra’s ability to write songs that have a good structure and are catchy.

Intra, rather than just an ordinary dancehall artist, is also a visionary, whose music is based on the fusion of traditional influences and contemporary sounds into a new creation that is truly unique and captivating.

His music is depictive of his artistic vision, trying to be groundbreaking in the dancehall genre and creating a new sound for the international music scene.

In “Whine It” Intra shows off his potential in the music space proving that he is a name to watch in the Afrobeat dancehall scene that is coming to life.

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