Jackson Breit Revives Soul Music With Infectious New Single “Hit Man”

Los Angeles-based Soul Artist Jackson Breit Redefines Modern Music with Infectious Groove “Hit Man

The new single from Los Angeles-based solo artist Jackson Breit, “Hit Man,” is making a lot of buzz. It’s a happy soul song nicely showing how his music has changed over the years.

The song’s main idea is philosophical choices or all the different lives someone could have had if things had been different. It explores the idea of identity and the chance of life, showing how small changes in fate or choices can lead to very different life paths.

The repeated lyrics “I could have been a hit man, I could have been an astronaut…” shows the wide range of identities and experiences that people can have in their lives.

Breit‘s deep singing and flexible delivery make her stand out in today’s music scene. He gets ideas from stars like D’Angelo, John Mayer, and Lauryn Hill.

The first step on Jackson Breit‘s journey was leaving college. It took him to Los Angeles, where he played for famous bands like the Wailers and was the main act on his college tour.

Singing the national anthem for Michelle Obama was a high point in his career because it showed his popularity and talent.

The song’s honesty comes from its thoughtful look at what makes life unique—the “what might have been” events everyone thinks about at some point.

The sincere thought that went into these different possible futures gives the words a real feel and makes people think about their own lives and the small chances that led them to where they are now.

Existential awe at how unlikely we exist makes the musical exploration more meaning and hits home deeper with the listeners.

Jackson Breit‘s goal with “Hit Man,” the first song from his debut record “The Soul One,” is to bring soul music back into the public. Together with producer Zien, they recorded this song that explores identity and fate while having an amazing groove.

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Jackson Breit‘s smooth, mellow voice floats over the track’s full instruments, making a sound that is both familiar and pleasantly new. The singer makes it seem like they are highly thoughtful and aware of the moral meanings of their own life.

The artist values knowing and recognising how random life is and how important each choice is in forming one’s fate through the lens of the song.

This point of view points to an artist who not only thinks about their own identity but also ties these ideas to bigger philosophical issues, using music as a way to explore and talk about how fate, choice, and the many lives one might have lived interact with each other.

Hit Man” has great production values, with clear noises that show off Jackson Breit‘s amazing singing. The structure and flow of the song keep people interested from the beginning to the end.

Jackson Breit Revives Soul Music With Infectious New Single "Hit Man"
Jackson Breit Revives Soul Music With Infectious New Single “Hit Man”

Each line and chorus builds on the previous one to tell an interesting story. There is a tight beat and clear phrasing, and the groove makes you want to dance.

Jackson Breit has become known as a lively performer thanks to his creative use of a repeating setting in recent pop-up shows. This method, along with his engaging stage demeanour, has made his live shows a must-see.

A new age of soul music is coming, and Jackson Breit is about to have a big effect on the pop charts by telling us of how timeless soul music is.

This song is the best thing he’s ever done and sets the stage for a bright future as a soul singer.

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