In The Grooves Of Nishy’s Debut A Journey Through ‘Memories From A Vinyl’

Nishy, whose family tree stretches across many countries, infuses alternative R&B and pop music with a distinctively global flavour.

She makes the most of the opportunities presented by her varied background to create a sonically complex tapestry that resists easy categorization.

Memories From A Vinyl, her first album, is an amazing maiden release that echoes the eclectic mix of her French, Mauritian, and Indian background via a harmonious combination of a variety of musical influences.

Her first song, titled “Can’t Sleep,” is a hybrid track that combines elements of French pop, trip-hop, and a hint of lo-fi aesthetics. It serves as a bridge between several musical subgenres.

This interesting tune transports listeners on a journey through the night, capturing the essence of her alter ego, Rêveuse. The character of Nishy struggles with self-worth issues while navigating the twists and turns of love disappointment.

In The Grooves Of Nishy's Debut A Journey Through 'Memories From A Vinyl'
In The Grooves Of Nishy’s Debut A Journey Through ‘Memories From A Vinyl’

The song ‘Phase,’ which comes in at number three on the EP, serves as its focal point. ‘Phase’ offers a fresh perspective on the typical R&B/Pop love ballad by depicting Rêveuse’s development sonically in a moving manner; the song is a standout example of the band’s innovative approach.

It is a subtle reminder of the grace in letting go, which is a universal subject woven throughout the vocabulary of short-lived relationships. With the underlying lo-fi aesthetic providing an immersive ambience, it is a delicate reminder of the lo-fi aesthetic.

The song “Phase” was co-produced by Aryh Love Baker, and she is largely responsible for the song’s ability to achieve a balance between sorrow and exhilaration. Despite the sombre nature of the lyrics, the song has a lively and lilting air to it that makes it shine.

The lyrics, which are delivered in a rap-style delivery by Nishy’s alter ego, give the song a cinematic depth, and as a result, ‘Phase’ is the tune on the EP that is the most contemplative.

Not only does “Phase” signify the coming of age of Nishy’s alter persona, but it also acts as a passageway into the tale that follows “Memories From A Vinyl.”

Her first extended piece, with all of its brilliant introspection, plays out like the A side of a record, suggesting that there is a second side that is as deep but has not yet been disclosed.

Nishy, who operates as an independent musician, has done an excellent job of using her first album to mark the beginning of a musical journey that has the potential to be rewarding.

She is presently putting the last touches on a new song that is guaranteed to continue the tale of Rêveuse, and further secure Nishy’s position in the worldwide music scene. She is working on a follow-up, which will be released shortly.

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