Is It Wrong To Know The Exact Business Your Man Is Into? – Desperate Lady Quizzes

Is It Wrong To Know The Exact Business Your Man Is Into? – Desperate Lady Quizzes

A lady on social media seeks advice after probing if it is wrong for a lady to know the kind of business her man is into or he has started.

Narrating her situation to Abena Manokekame, she said she has been dating her man for 5 years now and of course, they are about to get married soon.

She revealed that they have never hidden anything from each other and as always, she would advise him on certain things because any decision he takes could possibly affect her too.

The said lady indicated that many things haven’t worked for her man and recently he started a new business. Two times she asked him about it and the guy told her he can’t tell her anything.

Now, the lady is worried because she has the slightest idea what her man is into. Not just that, he gets angry for being inquisitive nature.

Read the full post below:

Hello sis Abena, this is my first time talking about my relationship to someone. We always solve our little misunderstandings that pops up in our relationship and move on. We have been dating for more than 5yrs now and about to get married.
He never hides anything from me and likewise me, some years back ,I gave him some advices that he didn’t take for some reasons and now its affecting him . I still didn’t want to expose a lot of things about my relationship so I’ll go straight to the point. I see that we are both growing and so by now we should be married and start our lives together so I’m very concerned about the decisions my guy takes, because if it works out well, its for my good and if it doesn’t, I’ll also suffer it.
I always question and advise him about the right way to go about things. He has tried a lot of things which hasn’t worked for him ,so I’m worried about the things he decides to do.
Recently, he told me he has started a new business and when I asked him what kind of business it was, he told me he cant tell me about it and it’s not everything he has to tell me about. This is the second time he is putting up such behaviour.
So I asked him if he is going to behave the same way when we get married and he seems not to see anything wrong with that. He is rather angry with me for being too inquisitive. I feel like a stranger in this relationship right now. Please I just want to know if I’m wrong for wanting to know the exact business my husband to be has started?
Thank you.
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