Iona Griffey Is Here To Serve Fans “Candy” With Her Newest Single

Iona Griffey’s latest number one is just as sweet as the treats we love to eat. Despite the melancholy subject matter, the song’s title is a perfect metaphor for its sound and atmosphere.

This summer will see the release of her newest album, and the song “Candy” will serve as the album’s lead single. It’s probably killing you not to know what it is already.

In the song, she is a naive adolescent who was so fixated on the idea of a storybook romance that she let her idealized partner’s terrible behavior pass unnoticed as she was treated badly.

The song “Candy” has a sound that is in between rock and pop and folk because it actually features instruments and a female vocalist who is confident in her delivery.

Her voice is given even more variety and vitality by the song’s melodies and the rhythmic patterns it contains as her compositions are truly remarkable in their capacity to move listeners emotionally and intellectually.

Iona’s music has a way of enveloping you in a warm embrace, and you can be confident that it will assist you in experiencing feelings of safety, acceptance, and comprehension while you listen to it.

She has a natural talent for merging several musical styles together in her work, and she is eager to develop her own signature sound. Her songwriting, which you have no choice but to applaud, is poetic and meaningful in equal measure.

After giving it only one listen, you can’t help but start humming along. Anyone listening to the songs performed by the British vocalist might have the impression that they’ve been transported to another world.

Listen to the song and do as she advises; she’s built a great haven, and we should honor her by coming there. Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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