Influencer Burnout Is A Growing Industry Threat – G&B’s Kyle Hjelmeseth Has The Solution

Influencer Burnout Is A Growing Industry Threat – G&B’s Kyle Hjelmeseth Has The Solution

Social isolation, School closures, Political upheaval, Cultural shifts, Ongoing national tensions. These are only a few of the variables taking a heavy toll on today’s American workforce, leading many business owners to promote a message of “self-care” in an effort to buoy morale. For insightful G&B Digital Management Founder/CEO Kyle Hjelmeseth, this message is more than just lip service – it’s an impetus for action and an opportunity for creative, proactive problem-solving.

G&B Digital Management is a minority-owned, top-tier firm that specializes in guiding digital content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and hospitality sectors. The company seeks to create a better influence by reinventing the talent management experience with integrity, transparency, and a human touch. One of the leading firms dedicated exclusively to supporting online talent, G&B proudly partners with the most in-demand and unique influencers in the US/ EMEA.

With a collaborative, solution-focused approach, the firm has built a reputation for providing unparalleled service to creators and brand/agency partners, working together to achieve enviable results. Placing a high value on education and empowerment, G&B established the College of Influence ( for anyone looking to grow their influencer career. Deeply passionate about social justice, bi-racial Founder/ CEO Kyle Hjelmeseth also introduced the Normalize Equality initiative ( as a how-to guide for influencers, brands, and agencies seeking to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the influencer marketing industry. Discover G&B’s innovative approach to talent management at Follow @gnbinfluence on Instagram for influencer spotlights, career tips, and brand updates.

Having recently expanded his agency reach by more than 100% during the pandemic downturn – including the addition of an entirely new G&B Sports + Entertainment management division – Hjelmeseth knows a thing or two about effective leadership. His famously intuitive management style, unwavering commitment to diversity, and relationship-focused approach consistently command attention within and outside of his industry. Now, he’s making waves again by partnering with Licensed Educational Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst Reena B. Patel to “put the ‘i’ back in influence,” promoting a culture of self-care with actionable expert guidance.
Reena B. Patel (LEP, BCBA) is a renowned parenting expert, guidance counselor, licensed educational psychologist, and board-certified behavior analyst. For more than 20 years, Patel has had the privilege of working with families and children, supporting all aspects of education and positive wellness. She works extensively with developing children as well as children with exceptional needs, supporting their academic, behavioral, and social development.  She was recently nominated for San Diego Magazine’s “Woman of the Year.” To learn more about her books and services, visit the website at, or to book her direct for speaking endeavors go to To get more parenting tips, follow her on Instagram @reenabpatel.
“Prior to 2020, the mental health of digital talent personalities was rarely discussed in public view,” says Hjelmeseth. “Thankfully, that’s starting to change, so we’re eager to teach our talent and staff effective ways to navigate this new landscape. The long-term health of our industry depends on influencers getting the guidance they need to live and work healthfully – this is just the start of what we hope to accomplish.”
Hjelmeseth points out that achieving “work-life balance” – an increasingly celebrated goal across nearly every other industry – is particularly challenging for influencers, whose “work” and “life” often intertwine. The pressure to create exciting, relevant content is constant, often leading to burnout, imposter syndrome, comparison, and long-term neglect of self-care. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, G&B’s diverse talent roster also found themselves stuck inside (like many Americans), isolated, and cut off from inspiration. Many influencers felt torn between their desire to keep showing up or performing for their communities/brand partners and the need to preserve mental/emotional boundaries.
To help turn the tide toward positive change, Hjelmeseth invites renowned psychologist Reena Patel to provide practical tips and insights for moving forward, including:
  • Staying true to your authentic self
  • Creating your own mission statement
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Mental Wellness and Self-Care
  • Burn out
  • Bringing back joy into life
To learn more about this new mental health initiative, contact for an interview with Founder/CEO Kyle Hjelmeseth. Discover G&B’s outside-the-box approach to talent management and get to know Hjelmeseth at Browse FREE courses to grow a steady following, get brand deals, and build a next-level career at G&B’s Discover Hjelmeseth’s Normalize Equality initiative at Follow @KyleHjelmeseth and @gnbinfluence on Instagram for influencer spotlights, career tips, and brand updates.
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