“In Between” A Heart Break Lies Tragically Unknown Emotions

About Tragically Unknown

Tragically Unknown, one of Iceland’s most promising rock bands, has just released a new song called “In Between.” Tragically Unknown is a Reykjavik-based Icelandic rock band composed of the individually gifted vocalist Helena Hafsteinsdóttir, guitarist Oddur Mar, and bassist Thorgnyr Albertsson.

The Cranberries and Paramore are among the bands that influenced Tragically Unknown. They began making music together in the fall of 2021. Their debut single, released in April, made waves and received national radio play in Iceland. Their music is characterized by driving bass, melodic yet biting guitar work, and beautiful vocals.

"In Between" A Heart Break Lies Tragically Unknown Emotions
“In Between” A Heart Break Lies Tragically Unknown Emotions

About the release

“In Between” is an energizing and bittersweet song that captures the sadness of a breakup as well as the difficulties of being in a relationship with a depressed person who does not want your help. The song’s lyrics focus on capturing both of these emotions. Along with the gloomy yet potent vocals, the listener is transported on a journey by the music’s pounding bass line and gorgeous guitar-work. The band Tragically unknown is currently in the recording phase of their first album, which is scheduled for release in the fall.

You can listen to the release below:

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