Illbe Premieres His Latest Single ‘Long Gone’

Illbe‘s roots can be traced back to the city of Liège and the surrounding area. Gauthier Gilissen uses this alias to hide his true identity.

Musicology nerd Gauthier is awed by the most outlandish soundtracks and translates them into his own unique musical style.

In addition to guitars, he now draws inspiration from movies, which he uses as a source of references and lore. Gauthier’s production skills and a penchant for moody sounds allow him to channel his inner detective and delve headfirst into the mists of mystery. Ambient and Doom Jazz are combined to create a tense alternative rock sound.

King Krule and multi-instrumentalists like Angelo Badalamenti and Forever Pavot have influenced these tracks more than the alt-pop sound of King Krule. The ghosts that haunt us are brought to life with the help of immersive waves, cavernous basses, guitars, and deep toms.

EPs, concept videos, and a live show in which he performs with another nerdy musician are all ways in which he makes it all known. Illbe finds its way through the modern melancholy with the help of these obsessions.

We follow a troubled individual as he wanders through desolate landscapes, pining for something he can’t have. A dog appears in front of him, also engrossed in an ethereal quest. While the night falls, he discovers a strange group of people who appear to be in a trance.

“Long Gone” is more than just a song; it serves as an introduction to Illbe’s forthcoming EP, due out this fall. Musicality and sound design are woven together in an atmosphere reminiscent of a Hitchcock murder mystery, but with vintage synths, saxophones, and crystal-clear guitars that hit differently.

As the lyrics suggest, the narrator is attempting to flee in the wind while leaving behind clues to a mystery. Delusional detectives are dwindling in number: having been hotly pursued he must confront his own duality in the face of an entity he does not comprehend.

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