I NU Unveils ‘Billie Holiday’: A Multilingual Ode To Roots Reggae And Musical Fellowship

Two decades of harmony culminate in this eclectic tribute to iconic voices and far-flung inspirations from throughout the world.

The core of I NU was created when Marianne and Hnawej’s magnetic fields were coupled together.

Their creative affinity spans a greater breadth, thanks to the two decades’ worth of life experiences and musical discovery that have been woven together to form a symphony, and their enthusiasm for a musical environment that is rich in variety.

I NU is more than simply Marianne and Hnawej performing together; they are a band that is as at ease in the recording studio as they are energising a live audience.

The group is a tightly-knit collective that has expanded to include exceptional musicians such as Gustave Wayenece, who plays both acoustic bass and provides backing vocals.

Speaking of places that seem like home, I NU found their creative spark on the idyllic island of Lifou, which is located in the middle of the wide Pacific Ocean and is the cultural heartland of the Hapetra tribe.

Their song will take you to Lifou’s Peng Beach and make you feel as if you were there when it was created as if it were conceived under the shade of a coconut palm.

I NU is no stranger to working together with other artists, and as a result, their repertoire and stage appearance has been significantly improved as a result of these partnerships. During their live performances, a number of the talents, like Wayenece and Gustavo Sandes, an amazing drummer, bring additional levels of intricacy and depth.

Let’s talk about the crown jewel of their collection – a single titled “Billie Holiday,” set to release in September on their upcoming roots reggae album.

This is not just a celebration of the iconic jazz vocalist; rather, it is a synthesis of several different musical traditions. Lyrics build a tale with several facets by fluidly transitioning from French to English and finally to Lifou’s home language.

Allusions to legendary singers like Serge Gainsbourg and Claude Nougaro, as well as tributes to reggae pioneers Sly and Robbie, are woven into the fabric of the song, which already has a linguistic dance that is mesmerising in and of itself.

I NU Unveils 'Billie Holiday': A Multilingual Ode to Roots Reggae and Musical Fellowship
I NU Unveils ‘Billie Holiday’: A Multilingual Ode to Roots Reggae and Musical Fellowship

The tune itself is a story—a cinematic dive into the life of its namesake, Billie Holiday, adding a touch of sorrow that imparts emotional depth to a piece that is already heavyweight in its own right.

It’s a roots reggae tapestry that feels both personal and vast, taking from several parts of the world and different periods of music history to build something that is distinctively I NU.

In a world where musical authenticity is sometimes sacrificed for commercial appeal, I NU provides a shining example of how to successfully combine the two elements. Their new album will have not just songs, but also anthems, each of which will be loaded with the knowledge gained throughout a 20-year trip, the celebration of many cultural tapestries, and the unbreakable promise of Lifou’s coconut palms.

Put the month of September in your diaries, then. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a reggae fanatic or a casual listener trying to broaden your musical horizons; I NU’s next album is more than simply a release; it’s an event—a musical extravaganza that you’d be foolish to miss out on.

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