Hip-Hop Crossover Artist Alicia G Releases New Single ‘Gum’

Hip hop musician, songwriter, and composer Alicia Kristina Guastaferro, popularly known as Alicia G, is from Buffalo, New York.

Alicia G is the epitome of the pop-culture world, with a refined sense of style honed over years of pageantry.

In fact, by the time she was fifteen years old, Alicia had already been participating in beauty pageants around the country since she was eleven months old. She had a passion for cheering and schoolwork when she wasn’t busy studying music or enjoying the glamorous life of a beauty queen.

With a zesty charm and a refined yet feisty demeanor, Alicia G started doggedly pursuing a career in music, eventually discovering who she was in the context of rap, hip-hop, and pop. In addition, she started developing her own style by doing high-energy sets as a singer and DJ at events sponsored by radio stations alongside the Goo Goo Dolls.

Producer Andrew Lane (The Backstreet Boys, Miley Cyrus, Becky G) heard one of her demos and immediately recognized her skill. Together, they set out to create a pop-polished sound with an unabashed, in-your-face lyrical structure.

The music was to be released under the Drew Right Music Label, and the first single from the partnership, 2016’s “Pretty Girl” was a huge hit and laid a solid foundation for the reality star.

Her wide variety of catchy tunes, her knack for clever wordplay, and her bold demeanor have all contributed to her fame. Alicia G’s current song, “GUM” and accompanying music video showcase her skills to their fullest and are both certain to be successful.

As expected, Alicia G’s “GUM” music video is fantastic. With this upbeat pop song, she’s getting ready for baseball season with clever words and original music.

One thing you can always count on with an Alicia G video is maximum intensity. The artist and her girlfriend don umpire costumes and take the field to swing bats and shake them as the artist exclaims, “I’m chewing my gum like I have a big bum.”

You may have a “fat bum” regardless of your body type, as long as you love and show off your assets. Her flirtatious personality jumps off the screen, showcasing her uncanny ability to make men swoon.

Alicia G is a master at making infectiously catchy songs that people can’t stop listening to, and “GUM” is one of the few tunes that really makes you want to go out and have fun.

Over 1.5 million people tuned in every night to see the “hip hop princess” sing, DJ, and entertain in less than a year. Her devoted following is known as the AG ARMY.

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