Heïka: Quebec’s Luminary Indie-Pop Sensation Shares Latest Single ‘Rivales’

Heïka, the rising star of the indie-pop genre, has sent a ray of sunshine into the Canadian province of Quebec’s music landscape.

The mesmerising soprano Andrée-Anne Bélisle and the evocative pianist Jo-Annie Bourdeau are at the centre of this project. Their unexpected encounter at the University of Montréal as jazz enthusiasts developed into a symphony of shared musical aspirations once they got to know one another.

In the year 2014, the pair established Heïka, a platform that allowed them to pursue their musical goals and dreams. Their other high school students, Vincent Lachaine on guitar, Jonathan Arseneau on bass, and the newest member of the band, Alex Kirouac on drums, brought the band to its full potential.

What was the result? A wonderful fusion that brings together the warm embrace of folk music with the cutting-edge attraction of electro melodies.

Their well-balanced works are evidence not just of their musical talent but also of the profound friendship that exists between them. They spent the second part of 2017 holed up at Studios Piccolo in Montréal, which resulted in the creation of three tunes that stirred the listener’s spirit and an entertaining live video session.

Their exceptional talent was not missed by anybody. Their impressive performance at the prestigious Ma Première Place des Arts competition in 2019 catapulted them into the public eye and prepared the way for the presentation of their first EP at the illustrious Lion d’Or cabaret in Montréal.

Their EP, which was released with the assistance of the highly regarded Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, is a demonstration of their artistic progression and virtuosity.

The music of Heïka? Imagine the brightness of an old-fashioned star, where the hushed tones of folk music meet the pulsating rhythms of electronic beats.

Heïka Quebec's Luminary Indie-Pop Sensation Shares Latest Single 'Rivales'
Heïka Quebec’s Luminary Indie-Pop Sensation Shares Latest Single ‘Rivales’

Their songs have a strong emotional impact because they are crafted with such delicate vocal harmonies, ambient echoes, and flawless lyrical mastery. The most recent undiscovered treasure, “Rivales,” throbs with an irresistible beat that compels listeners to hit the dance floor.

The experience of listening to each song, which is embellished with compelling images, is similar to unearthing a treasured relic.

Every note and lyric in Heïka’s universe has a narrative that is just waiting to be shared and experienced.

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