Giant Killers’ Long-Awaited Debut: “Songs For The Small Places” Emerges After Decades

Michael Brown and Jamie Wortley of Giant Killers Release Vintage 90s-Inspired Album, Supporting Mental Health Awareness.

Giant Killers, the songwriting duo of Michael Brown And Jamie Wortley, has after all these thirty years, released the album – “Songs For The Small Places” which was initially recorded.

They, two in one – Brown on bass, keys, brass and vocals, Wortley himself being the lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist – reach their decade-long fans with their outstanding ability to create a sound that only they have.

In 1995 Giant Killers, secured a contract with MCA Records and that same year they recorded two singles but as of yet their album has not been released to the public.

Now moving to the present time, Giant Killers is proud to say that they have reclaimed the right to their music, therefore, the band has successfully lived out their vision, and the audience has a chance to experience the album they’ve been waiting for.

“Songs For The Small Places” is this band’s originality in full bloom, as the track is a colourful throwback to this quintessential 90s soundscapes and classic synth riffs. It is an album of 11 songs, with “Around The Blocks” opening the clubs.

This energetic and upbeat single is a perfect opener for the album and will take the listeners on a journey filled with catchy tunes and deep stories. The story of Giant Killers’ music experiences is littered with notable milestones, such as supporting Blur and touring with artists like Dr Robert and Nick Heyward.

The fact that they toured widely and performed often demonstrates their undying devotion to their craft. Even more commendable is that Giant Killers, as our Bandcamp fundraising partner, will donate £2 from every album sale on Bandcamp also to CAM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), a suicide prevention organization.

Giant Killers’ Long-Awaited Debut: "Songs For The Small Places" Emerges After Decades
Giant Killers’ Long-Awaited Debut: “Songs For The Small Places” Emerges After Decades

This exemplary devotion not only proves that their music is their life, but also shows that they are willing to use their star power for the common good. “Songs For The Small Places” is not only an album here, it becomes the legacy of the Giant Killers’ endless voyage, determination and courage.

That is their way of showing how far they have evolved as artists and a tribute to the commitment they show to changing lives through their music. This work is not only an album for music lovers, but also a real story of perseverance.

It also conveys the artist’s commitment to this cause, despite everything. ‘Giant Killers’ is a daydream that the world has eagerly experienced, and it is a symbol of hope and inspiration.

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