Gary Mictian Breaks New Ground With “I Can’t Do This Anymore”

Gary Mictian can be considered as one of the artists who are forging a path in the hyperpop area with his new single “I Can’t Do This Anymore.”

This song is a predecessor of Mictian’s most popular debut album “Nosedive” which doesn’t include any of the conventional elements of electronic pop and at the same time evokes some fragments of dystopian science fiction and cinematic soundscapes.

“I Can’t Do This Anymore” is a brilliant polarity of electronic compositions, state-of-the-art production techniques and iconic inspirations like Charli XCX and The Weeknd. Nonetheless, Mictian is writing his very own chapter in the book of electronics by carving out a section of his own in the hyper-pop scene. This way he is also not the same as the rest of the hyper-pop scene.

But only one paper dives into the abyss of the complexity of present-day dating, developing the hesitations and uncertainties that accompany the quest for mutual affection. Its similarity with the listeners is given by the resonance for those who share the same kind of experiences in relationships.

The poetic depiction of a woman’s tiredness and helplessness in Mictian’s songs is heart touching portrayal of a habitual state of mind in modern romance. The track is characterized by a hard electronic base, to which some techno elements are added, and the resulting sound is an enticing one.


The phrase “I Can’t Do This Anymore” is a marker of a major change in Mictian’s music career, one that sees him move on from the crass sound of his early hits like “Crime” and “I Die Every Night” to a more complex and refined style. This is obvious in the thousands of streams that his earlier tracks have gathered on Spotify and the showcasing of a fan base in the growing numbers.

Gary Mictian Breaks New Ground With "I Can't Do This Anymore"
Gary Mictian Breaks New Ground With “I Can’t Do This Anymore”

The music world is impatiently waiting for his debut EP ‘Nosedive’ which will be released soon by Mictian – a producer who everyone is expecting (nothing but) the best.

The blending of two extremities of his personality, personal storytelling and electronic music, is what has made him among the swiftly growing stars in the electronic music scene. even the ardent followers and new blood are on the fringe of what is in store from Mictian, who exerts his mind outside the box and goes for an unconventional take on a formulaic genre.

Gary’s last release “I Can’t Do This Anymore” is more than just another hyperpop declaration, it’s an act of establishment that this man has become a visionary in the electronic music world.

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