Gal Musette Shares New Emotionally Intense Song “Pendulum”

It is clear that Gal Musette poured her entire essence into this song and sang from the very depths of her existence when she performed it.

The American singer’s follow-up single to the smash hit “Into the Blue” is now available digitally under the title “Pendulum,” and it was released only recently off her 11-track album.

The song examines a broad spectrum of human feelings and experiences through the lens of its primary theme, which is the ups and downs of an individual’s mental steadiness.

Songs like this often deal with difficult subjects like mental illness and the range of human emotions, which can make a listener feel less alone.

Since artists like Gal Musette utilize music to address such weighty and often-stigmatized subjects, it’s crucial that the songs themselves be well-crafted, with melodies that ease in gracefully.

Her voice, which has an endearing clarity and kindness, flows gracefully over the music, creating a wonderful weave of sound and compassion.

The lyrics are packed with heartfelt thoughts, vividly depicting times of calm and turmoil, acceptance and hopelessness, shame and pride, obsession and courage, strength and weakness.

If the struggles described above resonate with you, add this song to your regular listening rotation. This song warms our hearts and we believe it will have the same effect on you.

Listen to the song below and follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Tik Tok.

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