Etolubov And Ramy Sabry Unite In Captivating Arabic Mix Of “Attraction”

A Cultural Fusion: Ukrainian Sensation ETOLUBOV Teams Up with Egyptian Star Ramy Sabry for a Hit Song

Ukrainian sensation ETOLUBOV teams up with Egyptian superstar Ramy Sabry to release a captivating new version of her hit single “Attraction,” presenting the “Attraction (Arabic Mix).”

This new iteration blends ETOLUBOV’s neo-pop style with Sabry‘s distinctive Middle Eastern flair, creating a unique and enchanting track.

The song’s popularity on TikTok and Instagram, with nearly one million user-generated videos, highlights its widespread appeal.

Takwene, the label behind this exciting project, proposed incorporating a vocal part from the renowned Egyptian artist Ramy Sabry.

This collaboration adds a fresh twist to the beloved song, demonstrating the power of music to bridge cultures and create something truly special.

ETOLUBOV recently performed her first concert in Egypt, with the majestic pyramids as a backdrop. She shared exclusive insights about her duet with Ramy Sabry in an interview with Billboard Arabia.

Ramy Sabry, one of Egypt’s most celebrated artists, boasts eight albums and numerous hits. His single “Ymken Kher” from the album Ma3aya Hatbda3 topped the MENA global chart in 2022, and his latest album, released in early 2024, has seen chart-topping success across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, and Oman.

Debut Album “VSELUBOV” Marks Etolubov’s Ascent In Global Pop

ETOLUBOV’s rapid rise in the music world is marked by several successful singles, including “Mango” and “Thisislove,” and an EP in her native language titled Pryrechena na Lubov.

Her 2024 releases, including her debut album VSELUBOV and the visually stunning video album 001 SHOW filmed in Bali, showcase her evolving artistry and global appeal.

Attraction (Arabic Mix)” is promising to enchant fans of both artists and introduce new listeners to the mesmerizing blend of Ukrainian and Egyptian musical traditions.

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