“Do You Hate Me?” Is MADITRONIQUE’s New Probing Song

She is inquiring about something. It’s important to her. There are many things she is curious about and trying to make sense of. There are many unspoken words that she sings about.

A new song titled “Do You Hate Me” has been released by UK-based singer MADITRONIQUE, and it oozes confidence while conveying the profound feelings expressed in the lyrics.

It’s a song that draws attention to the singer’s distinctive voice or other aspects of their performance or musical arrangement.

Her vocal melodies are a strong indicator that the song makes use of electronic synthesizers, has a pop-oriented sound, and has tunes or rhythms that are unforgettable and mentally appealing.

Speaking on the song, she says, “I’m excited to share this song, it’s been growing since I started writing it back in lockdown, and then developed the idea when I was in a nuclear bunker in North Wales for a few days last year. Both were pretty surreal, introspective times, so I think the song reflects that, and will resonate with anyone who has ever questioned their worth. It’s about the end of an era, but with fat synths, ‘cause who doesn’t love fat synths?”

The entire sound was significantly influenced by the combination of her unique vocals, compelling melodies, and the dynamic synth-pop production typically associated with today’s pop music.

Thanks to Charlie Francis’s mastering, the song she wrote is now accessible and catchy enough for a large audience. MADITRONIQUE and Dan Fitzgerald created the visuals.

You can get the details of the song’s meaning by listening to it. A tune with an intimate backstory. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

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