Danil Unveils ‘These Thoughts’: A Retro Pop Anthem For The Soul

Danil‘s confidence blossomed as he discovered the rhythm of his heart while residing in Wittlich.

Danil is a singer, songwriter and brilliant queer composer currently living in a small town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

By the time he was ten years old, he already had a guitar cradled in his little hands and was producing raw tunes while strumming the instrument’s strings.

At 12, he performed in front of his school with a deep voice that foreshadowed his musical success.

After leading school musicals and choruses, Danil rapidly realised the value of performance.

Behind the songs and praise was a tumultuous self-discovery journey. Danil faced persecution and awful conditions as he grappled with his sexuality, which shaped his paintings. Music helped Danil reflect and recuperate.

From these emotions, he composed the spooky “These Thoughts,” influenced by 1980s and 1990s grunge, Eurodance, and world music.

This late 1980s-inspired pop ballad will resonate with everyone who has ever been imprisoned by their own thoughts.

“These Thoughts” is a compelling debate between the past and the present, between uncertainty and resolve. At its foundation, “These Thoughts” is all about the past.

Danil Unveils 'These Thoughts': A Retro Pop Anthem For The Soul
Danil Unveils ‘These Thoughts’: A Retro Pop Anthem For The Soul

It is a lyrical acceptance of the inner fights that we all confront, and it is embodied in phrases such as “You can’t hide from your shadow, but it’s your choice to face the light” and “I won’t dim my light…I’m ready to fight.” Both of these lines capture the essence of what the poem is trying to say.

It’s not simply a song; it’s an anthem for our people. A rallying cry to people who are entangled in the labyrinth of their own recollections, exhorting them to stand up, confront their demons, and shine brightly.

Danil emphasises the value of self-acceptance, mental fortitude, and the unrelenting drive to break free from the ties of the past via the evocative melodies and heart-breaking lyrics of his music.

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