Crazy Loop Shares New Song “Love Maria” With Lovely Visuals

The world desperately needed more excellent, beautiful songs like these; therefore, their arrival here couldn’t have come at a better moment.

To what do you attribute our success? The music video for the song “Love Maria” was created by Crazy Loop, and it is intended to make you feel as good as the song does.

The song aspires to become the next anthem of popular culture, serving as a dose of nostalgia for fans of 80s music. It’s unmistakably one-of-a-kind and quite unusual.

It is impossible to question his talent, but it is the commitment he has shown to his work that will live long in people’s memories. His passion for music is contagious and energizing to be around.

A bad day can be made better by listening to Crazy Loop. It makes people’s days better and helps them remember the good that exists in the world.

Nearly three thousand schoolchildren from across Ukraine appear in the song’s inspiring cinematic video. The video was shot by Crazy Loop in Kiev over the course of 10 days prior to the outbreak of conflict.

His words have the potential to heal. The fact that he is able to make something completely new is a testimonial to his outstanding artistic ability; it seems as though every note he sings carries a delicate touch that can soothe even the most damaged hearts.

We can’t leave without thanking Corey Chorus, who collaborated on creating the song, as well as the Crazy Loop and Gabriel Huiban, who were responsible for the song’s production. It was incredible to be in their company.

Click on the link below to hear the song and follow him on Instagram.

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