British Virtuoso AC23 Changing Newcastle’s Hip Hop Scene With New Single ‘Stryka’

AC23 is a dynamo on the British music scene, and they came straight out of Newcastle upon Tyne, a lively and throbbing city famed for its rich history and buzzing nightlife.

This multi-talented musician blends styles together in a novel way, yet his heart and soul are in hip-hop.

AC23 is a musical chameleon, capable of switching between the lyrical finesse of a seasoned poet and the swaggering cadence of a rapper raised on the mean streets of Newcastle.

With ease, he switches tempos and moods across genres, yet hip-hop remains the music’s unmistakable centre. AC23’s music has a rhythmic intensity that captivates and delights listeners, much like the River Tyne that winds through his city.

The music of the definitive British rapper paints a gritty yet appealing picture of city life in Newcastle, with its creative rhythms and intriguing storytelling.

Don’t mistake his tunes for trite rap, either. AC23 is a skilled artist whose songs reflect deep thought and incisive social critique, evoking strong emotional responses from listeners.

In spite of this, AC23 is not only a rapper. True musicianship describes him well. His ingenuity and variety are on full display in the way he incorporates rock, pop, and techno music into his mostly hip-hop-based tunes. His music, like the weather in his hometown of Newcastle, Northumberland, is unpredictable, because of the eclectic combination of genres he employs.

He’s an innovator who took the British hip-hop industry in a new direction by mixing elements from many different musical styles. One of the most intriguing talents to come out of the UK’s hip-hop culture, thanks to his explosive flow and acute musical sensibility.

British hip-hop has never sounded more progressive, gritty, and uniquely Newcastle than it does now that AC23 is at the mic.

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