Apolloïd Redefining Rap With The ‘Mission SDO’ Trilogy

In the world of hip-hop, there is a continual ebb and flow of new talent, but every once in a while, a performance will come along that will seem like a revelation.

The very talented Eyst and Mac Keller form one half of the dynamic duo known as Apolloïd, which is based in Neuilly-sur-Marne and hails from France.

It’s like witnessing lightning in a bottle when you watch the connection between Eyst and Mac Keller. Their organic synergy is not only perceptible, but it also excites the senses.

These two are not only musical polymaths with a vast spectrum of inspiration, but they are also linguistic prodigies who effortlessly transition between English and French. Their origins are in the suburbs of Paris, and they are both bilingual prodigies and musical polymaths.

Apolloïd’s style is a mashup of several periods and types of music, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artists from different genres and eras, including hip-hop giants like Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, rock luminaries like Queen, and soulful icons like Sade.

What is the result? A style of hip-hop that pays homage to its roots while still breaking new ground.

The band’s earlier extended plays, titled “Mission SDO: Space” and “Mission SDO: Desert,” introduced their sound and transported listeners to sonic representations of abstract realms.

Now, they bring their ambitious trilogy to a close with “Mission SDO: Ocean,” a record that offers an in-depth sonic exploration of a seascape. The album is a multi-layered trip that portrays the many facets of the ocean, from the placid surfaces to the enigmatic depths, and all in between. It has ten songs, three of which are additional gems, and a total of thirteen tracks.

Apolloïd Redefining Rap With The 'Mission SDO' Trilogy
Apolloïd Redefining Rap With The ‘Mission SDO’ Trilogy

Apolloïd’s brilliance is on full display in the dualistic track “Immersion x Emersion,” which serves as the album’s centrepiece. While “Immersion” captivates listeners with its reflective R&B appeal, “Emersion” explodes with the rap intensity that is mixed with gospel. The music video that goes along with the song serves as a gateway, inviting viewers to completely immerse themselves in Apollod’s universe.

It is not just about the rhythms or the words; rather, it is about the experience as a whole. Apolloïd doesn’t simply play; they transport, delivering listeners a musical adventure that is as broad and diverse as the ocean itself thanks to the complex tapestry of sounds and storylines that they use in their music.

In a time when uniqueness is a precious commodity, Apolloïd is able to stand tall and ride the wave that they have created themselves. Plunge in and let yourself get carried away by the currents of their creation.

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